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Armour in ME?

When Pippin is outfitted in MT, the text mentions a hauberk. Would this have had elbow length sleeves, or full sleeves, do you think?

What earthly "age" or century are most ME references tied to?

Looked up armour on the web and came up with these references:

Surcoat - a long, tunic-like, cloth garment worn over the armour, in a variety of forms, from the 1170s to the 1420s. The early surcoat was almost heel length, and progressively became shorter and tighter-fitting. Surcoats served a variety of purposes. Firstly they kept a certain amount of rain and dirt off of the armour. Secondly, they provided a screen to keep the metal armour from the sun’s heat. Third, they became a background for the display of the wearer’s coat of arms.

Hauberk - a long coat of mail, knee-length or longer, initially with half-sleeves, which by the 12th century, had extended to the wrist. Later, the hauberk sleeve became even closer fitting and ended in mail mittens called mufflers. Although there is a clear distinction between the hauberk and haubergeon, as noted above, in early writings the two terms were used interchangably. The hauberk of mail was the principle body armour of the 11th - 13th centuries.




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