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Talking With Eagles

This is going to seem like a completely random question, but I can't think of any way to write it myself so, here goes:

How could an Elf (politely) accept a lift from an Eagle? Specifically Fingon being the elf and Thorondor being the Eagle.

This is not quite as random as it seems, I promise, and I figured that if I asked here then I wouldn't get strange looks (unlike when I asked my Mother, who now thinks I'm crazier than I was!)

Any help will be appreciated, thanks!




Re: Talking With Eagles

Just a thought, really:

"I thank thee kindly, Thorondor, Lord of the Eagles. May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks always."

It's something that Gandalf also says in the Hobbit as a customary blessing to give the Eagles, so I guess it could work.



Re: Talking With Eagles

Thank you!

It's something that Gandalf also says in the Hobbit as a customary blessing to give the Eagles, so I guess it could work

It's possible that I should read 'The Hobbit' again at some point!

Thanks for the help!




Re: Talking With Eagles

You're welcome!

Btw, if this question was done for the sake of a story you're writing, I would very much like to read it once you set it up. You made me curious...




Re: Talking With Eagles

It is for a story - one that I'm writing for the 'New Members Challenge 05/06'! It's nearly finished except for editing, etc, and giving it a name...which is the thing I'm worst at, but...

You made me curious...

One of my fave pastimes!

I'll post a little note here when I've put my story up, if you'd like?

Thanks again!!




Re: Talking With Eagles

Sorry - posted wrong thing here...



Re: Talking With Eagles


The story is up here: Of Cliffs and Kin

All about Fingon's thoughts on finding Maedhros where he hangs from the cliffs of Thangorodrim!

Thanks to Beregond5 for the help with my Eagle-convo, hope y'all enjoy it!




Re: Talking With Eagles

Great! I knew something good would happen when I'd return from vacation! Going to check it now!



Re: Talking With Eagles

Uh, 'Of Cliffs and Kin' has been re-written, and is at the same link!

Hope you enjoy, all comments, questions, etc, are loved!




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