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What do you call Imrahil...

..when Adrahil is still living and holding the title of Prince of Dol Amroth?

Lord? Sire? Sir? Mister? Buddy? The Dread Pirate Imrahil? Wheeee -- I like that last one.



Re: What do you call Imrahil...

I go with "Dread Pirate"...

Ahem. For me, it depends on the context. Among friends, simply his name. In general gatherings, "Lord Imrahil". If he is representing the principality and/or if there is something very formal going on, then he is "Prince Imrahil." When being spoken of, he is referred to as the "young prince" to distinguish from the Prince.

What is really fun is when you realize that his grandfather, father and himself were all alive and adults for a period of years. "Here is the Prince, and the prince, and the prince." But only one would be capitalized, whomever was the *ruling* prince at the moment, in my presentation.

Toodles - Ang



Re: What do you call Imrahil...


Thank you, Ang!

(but I'm still gonna call him "Dread Pirate" under my breath. While I giggle.)



Re: What do you call Imrahil...

Hee hee hee..can he have a cape too? How about bursting into family gatherings with a flourish? "I am the Dread Pirate Imrahil!!!"..Oh dear..way too much sugar...--Love -- Molly



Re: What do you call Imrahil...

Hahahahahhahahahaha -- for some reason, in my head he's singing. Maybe "And it is , it is a glorious thing, to be the Pirate King!"



Re: What do you call Imrahil...

I was rather thinking in the direction of standing on a wheelbarrow with flames around him..."I am the Dwead Piwate Imrahil! Dere will be NO survivors!! I have come for your souls!!!" Or something such..hee hee hee... Of course the Pirates of Dol Amroth...I mean Penzance is a good thing too. Or would that be the Corsairs of Umbar? I get them confused. -- Love -- Molly



Re: What do you call Imrahil...


Or the remark someone made yesterday --

"He's not the real Dread Pirate Imrahil. The real Dread Pirate Imrahil has been retired for 15 years and is living like a king in Anfalas."



Re: What do you call Imrahil...

Oh bless you!  A quote from the Princess Bride before coffee! 




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