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Hi, need help with Uruk-hai

I started a little discussion about uruks at the HA yahoo group. Got some good replies, then hit myself on the head for not looking in the resources section here - which I have newly discovered and very much appreciate.

Unfortunately, the subject seems to be a little light. Any chance we can get a few more lines about the difference between Mordor uruks and Orthanc's uruks.... Also, timeline about when.

Just hoping for more information.

By the way, you folks are the greatest!!!!




Re: Hi, need help with Uruk-hai

Hi Agape,

Thanks for the lovely compliment!

I've been squirreling away some quotes to expand the Orcs entry, but sorry that I won't have the time to update it soon. In the meantime, I've found links to other information about Uruk-hai that I hope will be of use:

Descriptions of Sauron's Uruk-hai:
Jan 3019 - Battle of the Chamber of Mazarbul (Gandalf says a little about the Uruks, and I believe also that the Orc-chieftain is an Uruk because he is described as "man-high" and also because the orc-captains in Mordor tend to be Uruks.)

Also, a few tidbits from The Return of the King, LoTR Book 6, Ch 2, The Land of Shadow, when Frodo and Sam were picked up on the Road to Udûn:

"They were a gang of the smaller breeds being driven unwilling to their Dark Lord’s wars; all they cared for was to ... escape the whip. Beside them, running up and down the line, went two of the large fierce uruks, cracking lashes and shouting."

"A troop of heavy-armed uruks from Barad-dûr charged into the Durthang line and threw them into confusion."

And when they are being tracked in the Morgai:

"Presently two orcs came into view. ... The other was a big fighting-orc, like those of Shagrat’s company, bearing the token of the Eye. He also had a bow at his back and carried a short broad-headed spear. As usual they were quarrelling, and being of different breeds they used the Common Speech after their fashion."

Early History of Sauron's Uruk-hai
circa 2465 - Uruk-hai first bred in Mordor (They were bred by the Nazgûl, since Sauron was at Dol Guldur, but I presume that they were instructed by Sauron.)
2475 - Osgiliath ruined and its bridge broken
2480 - Sauron populates Moria with evil creatures (We know that in 3019, some of these were Uruks, but we don't know if he sent Uruks there in 2480.)
2901 - Ithilien mostly deserted due to attacks by Uruks of Mordor

Descriptions of Saruman's Uruk-hai:
3019 - Invasion of Westfold by Saruman - Attacking Forces: Orcs and Wargs (this section is complete, but the entry is unfinished -- please pardon my dust )

Early History of Saruman's Uruk-hai:
2990 - Saruman begins breeding Orcs in Isengard
3000 - Orcs begin to raid Rohan and steal horses (some of these Orcs were Saruman's Uruk-hai, but that was not recognized at the time)
18 Sep 3018 - Saruman closes the Gap of Rohan after Gandalf's escape from Orthanc (I believe this is when it was first recognized that Saruman was breeding his own Orcs)

Notable Interactions between Sauron's Orcs and Saruman's Uruk-hai
(It is not clear, from the description, whether Grishnákh and his Mordor Orcs are Uruk-hai, since he is described as short and broad; however, the Orcs from Moria are described as smaller than both Uglúk (a Uruk from Isengard) and Grishnákh.)
26 Feb 3019 - Orc-raid at Parth Galen: Overview
26 Feb 3019 - Orc-raiders dispute the fate of Merry and Pippin
27 Feb 3019 - Orc reinforcements from Mordor join the Orc-raiders

29 Feb 3019 - Attack on the Orc-raiders at Fangorn: Overview
29 Feb 3019 - Orc reinforcements from Isengard arrive at Fangorn

Hope this helps!
- Barbara



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