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Geography of Eastern Middle-Earth


This is a...slightly strange question, but can anyone tell me anything about the geography of EASTERN middle earth after Rhun? I don't mean in any great detail, just the names of any countries or Seas, etc, until the furthest known point (from west to east, if possible).

Oh! And does anyone know how large the Sea of Rhun is? I mean, is it a separating sea, like Belegaer, or...not.

Thanks in advance for any help, sorry to be a pain!




Re: Geography of Eastern Middle-Earth

I think I might have a map that I can send you. Can it wait till tomorrow? It's too late in my part of the world now. For the time being: the Sea of Rhûn is an inland sea (no salt water I think, something like the Great Lakes in the US I would assume) and for the time after the upheavals with the drowning of Númenor etc I don't think we really know what significant features there are East of Rhûn. I went with the Second Age map by Karen Wynn-Fonstand that shows remainders of the huge mountains of the First Age in the north-east of the Sea of Rhûn, the Orocarni, and possible also large forests that might hail back to the forests surrounding the lake of Cuivienen. And somewhere, far, far to the east there is another ocean (at least according to that atlas and it does make sense for it to be there after the world was changed).

I hope that helps!




Re: Geography of Eastern Middle-Earth

Thank you Juno!

And, no, there's no rush for a map, but I would be very grateful for it if you do have one.  I know there's not much detail about what lies further than Rhun, it's just that I can't get to any of my usual resource-books, since I'm away from home, so I'm rather lost for any details!

But any information that you have would be great -  Thank you again!




Re: Geography of Eastern Middle-Earth

No map here, I'm afraid, but hopefully these links, in combination with the map Juno will send you, will be helpful.  They're from the Encyclopedia of Arda:

Edited to add these two links, again from the same site. I think they'll prove interesting as well:



Re: Geography of Eastern Middle-Earth

Here is all the information Resources has found on The Sea of Rhun Sea of Rhûn It lists the distance as "two hundred miles across the sea".

South of Rhûn is the northmost part of The Hither Lands, and north and east are the Orocarni, the Mountains of the East. beyone that are the Inner Seas, the East Sea, and the northernmost tip of the Dark Land. Past that are the Walls of the Sun which is the end of the land. Good resources (aside from our Resource section!) are Karen Wynn Fonstad's "The Atlas of Middle-earth," and the maps from The Shaping of Middle-earth. Here is Map V, the best for what you want.

Hope this helps,


Edit - As convenient as it is, be careful with Encyclopedia of Arda - we've found occasional errors, and they don't cite sources for anything so it can be checked.

Additional Edit - Resouces has entries for the Dark Lands, The Hither Lands, etc. Look under "other Arda" on the dropdown menus for Places.



Re: Geography of Eastern Middle-Earth

Thank you Lyllyn and Beregond for your help!

People on HASA are marvellously helpful!

Thanks for all your help,




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