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Hair color and sun

I was wondering if red and very dark brown or black hair is affected by the sun's bleaching qualities...I know that blond and brown are, and can be lightened, but have never seen other colors affected.




Re: Hair color and sun

Black hair in some cases will get reddish highlights with enough sun exposure, but it has to be true black hair.  I imagine that red hair would lighten and perhaps take on yellow/orange highlights.  Very dark brown hair, however, I'm not so sure about. It might lighten somewhat, but not really change color.




Re: Hair color and sun

In my limited experience, very dark brown hair behaves like black hair and picks up red/gold highlights.

However, I suspect it has to do with what other types of pigment are lurking in the follicle once the darkest is broken down, and thus would vary from person to person depending on their genes.



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