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Hey everyone.  First time poster here, so apologies if I put this in the wrong place.  

 I wrote a fanfic (well, fan novella, it got so long) several years ago entitled "The Lord and the Lady," which I don't believe ever made it here, though I meant to at the time.  It's essentially the story of Finduilas and Denethor.  From reading another post in this section, I've found I left out Denethor's siblings (didn't know they existed, gugh, may have to go rewrite it as I'm a tortured slave to canon), but I have also been told that Finduilas had an older sister named Ivriniel.  In internet searches, I have found her mentioned, but I have never seen a link to the information in Tolkien's writings so I cannot be sure if it is canon.

Does anyone know where I could find that information?





Re: Ivriniel

Hi Nat,

Yes, this is exactly the right place for Research Questions....

We have a rather thorough biography of Denethor here in the HASA Research Library, at: Denethor II.

Skip down to the History section of the bio for the exact quote about his siblings. It comes from The Peoples of Middle-earth, HoME volume 12, which some people don't consider canonical, but is in fact the only source of such family details for the Kings and Stewards.

The Finduilas bio has not been updated recently, but I did put information about her siblings in the bio of her brother, Imrahil.

Ivriniel was born in III 2947, Finduilas in 2950, and Imrahil in 2955. No quotations are cited, because this information comes, not from any narrative, but from a family tree called "The Line of Dol Amroth", also in HoME volume 12.

I'm very pleased to say that after the next few days, when HASA site comes back up, the Research Library will have a full-text search feature, so you will be able to look up Denethor, say, and find all the entries of any type that mention him.

Hope this helps!

- Barbara



Re: Ivriniel

Well nutso, lol.  I guess I'll have to go back and figure out if I want to count it as canon and put it in, or try to ignore it.  But I'm such a slave to canon that I think I know what I'll end up doing.  I guess you're never truly done with stuff when you're as anal as I.

 Thanks!  I'm going to grab a copy of that book and check it all out.  May help with the sequel I just started working on.




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