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Citation - Minas Tirith & Minas Morgul

I'm looking for a citation.

Somewhere in LOTR, there is a place where someone (I think Gandalf, but it could be Aragron or Faramir) talks about what would happen if the Ring were used against Sauron. It would reduce Minas Tirith to ruin and turn them into the same as the enemy.

In particular, there is a line about the two towers derelict and haunted, looking at each other across a wasteland. That's the line I am looking for.

I have been looking all morning through the books, and am going crazy trying to find it. If you can tell me the chapter this quote appears in, I will be foreever in your debt,


PS - No, Dwim, that doesn't mean I will take on any more Nuzgul. I'll just be grateful.



Re: Citation - Minas Tirith & Minas Morgul

That's Frodo to Faramir, right at the end of The Forbidden Pool, when Faramir is trying to persuade him not to go with Gollum via Cirith Ungol:

"Would you have me come to Gondor with this Thing, the Thing that drove your brother mad with desire? What spell would it work there? Shall there be two cities of Minas Morgul, grinning at each other across a dead land filled with rottenness?"



Re: Citation - Minas Tirith & Minas Morgul

Well, wrong on all counts, wasn't I? ;-)

Thank you!




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