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Discussing: Travel time between Minas Tirth & Henneth Annun

Travel time between Minas Tirth & Henneth Annun

I am trying to figure out how long it would take somone on foot to walk from Henneth Annun to Minas Tirith:

1. During Thorongil's time
2. During the Ring War.

I am assuming that it would take longer during the Ring war due to the armies & marauding orcs.

Then to make things fun, what if the journey was partly by foot, partly by horse? Say, walking from HA to the shores of Anduin across from Cair Andros, then a horse from the far shore of Anduin down to the city?

What about walking to Osgiliath, then taking a horse across the Pelennor?

This would be someone who is not trying to fight or ambush any enemies, but is simply making an expeditious journey to Minas Tirith.

Toodles - Ang



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