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Naming Mountains

I've been looking on maps but have been unable to locate the name of the hills/mountains that lie between Dol Amroth and Dor-en-Ernil.

Anyone have a text reference on these beauties? I can find names for Pinnath Gelin and Emyn Arnen, but not this particular outcropping.

Barring a canonical reference, any suggestions of good names? Will I be a fool to call them Emyn Falas?

Toodles - Ang



Re: Naming Mountains

Hills of the Falas sounds good to me.



Re: Naming Mountains

Emyn Falas it is.



Re: Naming Mountains

And thus is a new piece of fanon spawned...




Re: Naming Mountains


Wait! No, it's not fanon unless someone else picks it up and starts using it.




Re: Naming Mountains

The Atlas of MIddle-Earth by Karen Wynn Forstad, p89 calls them the Hills of Tarnost - at the northern tip of the hills is the city of Tarnost.

Have no idea where she got the name from...but I think the name is on a puzzle map I got from the UK as well.




Re: Naming Mountains

Ah-ha! Found the reference in the History of the Lord of the Rings, IX Sauron Defeated.




Re: Naming Mountains

I have put off getting HoME volumes 6-9 too long - they are the only ones I don't have.

Off to use my gift Barnes and Nobles gift certificate......wish they sold maps




Re: Naming Mountains

Personally I like Emyn Falas better than Emyn Tarnost - so there! ;)

Of course it's not impossible for the same range of hills to have more than one name. Perhaps the folks living around Tarnost call them after their hometown but the folks at the Falas call them the Emyn Falas!



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