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Green Hill Country?

Am thoroughly confused. The map of the Shire in my 1970-something Fellowship of the Ring shows the Green Hill country where Tookland is located as bare hills (probably grassy, right?) If you read the description of Frodo's journey from Hobbiton, it sounds as if there are trees, first birches, then fir, then oak.

Once you get to Eastfarthing (in or out of Tookland? couldn't tell) a forest arises.

Llinos tells me that Green Hill country is an area of hills with short-cropped grass and the occasional copse of trees.

The Atlas of Middle Earth shows it as forested country all the way across.

I am trying to set up a forest fire but am having trouble reconciling all these different views.

Is it too arbitrary as an author for me to set up a forest near Tuckborough, or between Tuckborough and Tookbank?

By the way, has anybody got any reasonable-sounding speculation as to why there is no road between Tuckborough and Tookbank? I had my own idea, but now that my geography is so confused, I am not sure anymore.

Suffering from chocolate overload does not help my brain think any more clearly.

Lindelea the Confused but Still (Stupidly?) Hopeful



Re: Green Hill Country?


Just reiterating a bit I posted on the Forest Fire thread. I would imagine the Green Hill country could be grass and heath on the hilltops and hillsides, but in the little valleys and ravines there could be long ribbons of trees, following where streams run and/or springs are found. A grass fire is still going to burn awfully hot and furious if it's a very dry season, and then if it leaps into ribbons of woods along the streams it could get pretty hectic.

In FOTR chapter "Three is Company" Tolkien briefly mentions Frodo et al making for the Green Hill Country, and as they are traversing it at night he mentions deep meadows and and birch trees. Birches of course love water, so maybe there you have it - open grasslands on the hills, with birch and other water-loving trees along the streams.

Curious to see what others might say ....
Cheers ~




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