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Places Entered: R - Z

---- Revised: 23 May 05 ---- R Rammas Echor Rath Dínen Rauros, Falls of Ravenhill Redhorn Gate Redhorn Gate, Road from Hollin to the Reunited Kingdom Rhosgobel Rhovanion Rhudaur Rhûn ** New ** Rhûn, Sea of Riders, Mound of the Ring of Doom Ring of Isengard Ringló Rivendell Rivendell, Bilbo's room in Rivendell, Frodo's room in Rivendell, High Pass of Rivendell, Porch in Rivendell, Stone Bridge of Road from Hollin to the Redhorn Gate Road from Isengard to the Fords of Isen Road from the Morannon to Dagorlad Road to Dunharrow Road, Sauron's ** New ** Rohan Rohan, Gap of Rómenna S Sammath Naur ** New ** Sarn Ford Sarn Gebir Sauron's Road ** New ** Sea of Núrnen Sea of Rhûn Seat of Hearing ** New ** Seat of Seeing ** New ** Seeing, Seat of ** New ** Serni Shelob's Lair Shire Sirannon Siril Sirion River Sirion, Fens of Sirion, Gates of Sirion, Pass of Sirith Smaug, Desolation of Snowbourn South Road South Undeep Southfarthing ** New ** Stair Falls Starkhorn Stewards (Tomb), House of the Stone Bridge of Rivendell Stone of Osgiliath, Tower of the Stone, Uttermost Foundations of Stonewain Valley T Taniquetil Teeth, Towers of the Teiglin Temple in Armenelos Thalos Thangodorim Tharbad Tharbad, Bridge of Thorn Sir Thranduil's Caverns Thrihyrne Thror, Chamber of Tirion Tol Brandir Tol Eressëa Tol Galen Tol Sirion Tower Hills Tower of Cirith Ungol Tower of Cirith Ungol, Two Watchers of the Tower of Ecthelion Tower of the King Tower of the Moon Tower of the Stone of Osgiliath Towers of the Teeth Treebeard's Ent-house Treebeard's Hill Troll-fells Two Watchers of the Tower of Cirith Ungol U Umbar Umbar, Great White Pillar of Undeeps Undertowers Undying Lands Uttermost Foundations of Stone V Valinor W Wall of Minas Tirith Walls of the World Water Weathertop Wellinghall West Road, Great West-door of Moria Westemnet Westfold Westfold Vale Westmarch West-mark Wetwang White Hand, Pillar of the White Mountains White Pillar of Umbar, Great White Tower, Great Hall of the White Towers Withered Heath Withywindle Wold World, Walls of the X Y Z



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