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Who is None?

An informal challenge here:

On the drop-down list is the entry "None". Now, we all know this is an administrative entry, designed as a placeholder. How boring!

The challenge here is to write up an imaginary biography. Who can write up None's biography? Let your imagination take you on strange and twisted paths. Tell us about this illusive character who shows up in the strangest places. Does s/he have wings, like a Balrog? Pointed ears? Do his/her eyes change color? What about the hair? Servant of the Light or the Dark? Does s/he have a beard? A Maia? An immortal? More like a Hobbit? Take a stab - and see what you can invent!

Post your creations on this thread.




Re: Who is None?

Ang, you are a wicked, wicked person, you know that?

[snigger] I can't wait to see what people come up with....



Re: Who is None?

The challenge here is to write up an imaginary biography.

Should we do the same thing to "Original Character" as well?? *evil grin*




Re: Who is None?

Actually, for "Original Character(s)" I suggest doing something a little less tongue in cheek, with an eye towards saying why prople uses OCs, the pitfalls of writing them, how to make a good OC, and so forth.




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