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Days of the week

O Mighty Resource People, might you be able to tell me if the Shire uses typical days of the week or is it the days mentioned in the appendices of RoTK? I think (erk) I have the calender months figured out and am actually trying to write something again, although it, honestly has been over a decade since I last wrote a proper story. My furry nuzgul are sort of nibbling gently on a toe. any help you be appreciated. -- Love -- Molly



Re: Days of the week

Hi, Molly, welcome to our playground. While I didn't know the answer, I knew it was in Resources somewhere - an excellent article by Celandine, which I can't make the link work for. The days of the week are in Chapter 3. Lyllyn Edit try pasting



Re: Days of the week

Thank you so much, Lyllyn! That was just what I needed! In fact, I bookmarked it so I can find it again! ( considering I have a mind like a steel sieve this is a good thing) Thanks again for all your help. -- Love -- Molly



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