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Login form obscured by navigation bar

I have two reports from users, MJ and Elena Tiriel (ET), that the login form at the top of the page may be obscured by the dark green navigation bar. The original discussion can be seen here: Display issue posts

There are two different issues, both of which can be controlled by the end user:

  1. Text size. If you have the text size on your browser increased (like ET and I do), the the larger text size may push the "Login" button below and behind the navigation bar. I have recreated this effect in IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. The resolution is to briefly decrease your text size until the button is visible, login, then bounce your text size up again. Page zoom/magnification does not produce this effect, at least not to this degree.
  2. Cached pages from the old site. MJ has found that Safari works fine for her, and sent a screen shot of Firefox. In that screen shot, I could see that Firefox was still using the CSS files from the old version of the site. We're stillworking to clear out the cache.




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