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Would it be possible to add Esmeralda Brandybuck and Pimpernel Took to the character list? I was wondering why Pearl and Pervinca are included and their sister isn't... I hope I haven't just overlooked her! Smile


Nienna F



Re: Hobbits

Hi Nienna!

Of course, I would be happy to add Esmeralda and Pimpernel. No, you didn't overlook them, I just ran out of steam (or maybe it was time) when I was adding in the Hobbit ladies.

I'll try to put in at least a stub biography within a day (so they will show up on the character list), and then fill in with quotes later.

- Barbara

P.S. Aha! And I even have a picture already prepared for Pimpernel, the flower....



Re: Hobbits

Hi Nienna,

I have added preliminary, bare-bones bios for Esmeralda (Took) Brandybuck and Pimpernel Took, so you should be able to link them to your stories right away. I will fill in the bios, if any other info is available, later.

- Barbara



Re: Hobbits

Hello Barbara,

thank you for being so quick to answer to this! Smile I might come up with some more sooner or later, if you don't mind, cause I like to keep my stories well organized... Wink

It's great that you're doing this!

Nienna F



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