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A blessing?


I usually try to come up with something myself before asking for help, but I'm not even sure where to start on this one. I'm looking for a simple blessing in Sindarin: "May the Valar protect you" or "May the Valar protect you on your journey" (or path)

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Re: A blessing?

“Belain berio le.” – May the Valar protect you -or-
“Berio Belain le.” – May the Valar protect you.

“Berio Belain le erin râd lîn.” – May the Valar protect you on your path.
“Belain berio le erin lend lîn.” – May the Valar protect you on your journey.

Re: word order:
In a discussion of a similar construction on the Elfling mailing list, David Salo suggested “Berio Eru le,” but also supported the construction, “Eru berio le.” Other word orders may also be possible here, though he seemed to think these two the most likely. So take your preference on subject/verb order.

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Re: A blessing?

Wow, thank you so much!




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