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Sindarin translation, anyone?

Does anyone have an idea how one might say something along the lines of, "Yes, I speak Sindarin," in Sindarin? All the Elvish phrase sites I can find on the net have failed me.



Re: Sindarin translation, anyone?

"Yes, I speak Sindarin," _Pedin i lam edhellen._ lit: “I speak the tongue elvish” There are no known Sindarin words for 'yes' and 'no'. ‘Sindarin’ is actually a Quenya term, likely only the Noldor would refer to the language by that name. The Sindar (and Silvan Elves) would probably have called it _edhellen_ or ‘elvish’. If your character is specifying that he/she can speak “Sindarin” - the language of the Grey Elves - to a Noldo, then maybe use this variation: _Pedin i lam Thindrim._ lit: “I speak the tongue (of the) Grey Elves” Ithildin *(



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