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quick Quenya question

'Ello! Teensy question(s): I'm writing a story which needs the word meaning "fire singer" in Quenya. Through some source, I came up with Tanyalirë (tanya- "fire"; -lir "singer") Source was a rather canonically questionable name generator. Now, someone tell please: (a) is there a correct translation, and (b) how can I make that plural? Thanks, Meril



Re: quick Quenya question

Not too bad. There is a word tanya 'fire' listed in the Ardalambion wordlist, but it looks like it's only used in the older sources (Book of Lost Tales, mainly); so nár, nárë may be better. lir- is the verb stem 'to sing'. 'singer', I'd say: - liro (m) - lirë (f) or lindo, lindë So: Náreliro, Nárelirë, Nárelindo, Nárelindë.



Re: quick Quenya question

Thanks, Nath! Anyone else know how to make things plural in Quenya? So I could refer to "fire-singers", instead of just a fire-singer? ~Meril



Re: quick Quenya question

Forgot that part of the question For the words ending in -e, change the -e to an -i For the words ending in -o, add an -r



Re: quick Quenya question

Thanks so much, Nath! Cheers, Meril



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