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Elvish Name Translation

Hi all I've been looking to name a place in Sindarin and I came up with Bain Galas literally, "Fair growth" My quesiton is, would that be Bain Galas or is there some language rule that would switch the order of those words to Galas Bain? I wanted to be sure I was right before I applied the name all over my story, then found out I had to fix it. Do I have the right words for this also? I know there are some different words that mean the same thing. Thanks! Cheryl



Re: Elvish Name Translation

The more usual order would be _Galas Vain_. The adjective usually follows the noun it modifies and is lenited, so the ‘b’ changes to ‘v’ to ‘soften’ the sound. It would be pronounced something like, ‘Gah-lahs Vine’. However, sometimes for emphasis (as in a title or place name) the adjective can also precede the noun (and so would not be lenited), so _Bain Galas_ would work fine too. I guess it depends on which one sounds better to you. ;) Ithildin *(



Re: Elvish Name Translation

I just had a feeling that it wouldn't be as simple as I thought it was...and I thought I had seen the reference to the adjective following the noun somewhere before... I'm glad there is justification for both ways, in truth I like the sound of Galas Vain much better. (I'll be sure to note the linguistic explaination and cite you for it! ) Thanks Ithildin Cheryl



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