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Sindarin word(s) for elf-lord

I need a term, friendly and affectionate but respectful, that a child of Faramir and Eowyn would call Legolas if he/she had a fairly close relationship with Leggy, such as being one of his favorites in that family. I keep coming up with Elf-lord, but don't know whether that would be Elhir, Eldahir, or something else. A one-word title would be best for my purposes, if that's possible...

Um, Legolas does speak Sindarin as well as Sylvan, Westron and probably other tongues, doesn't he?




Re: Sindarin word(s) for elf-lord

Oh, heavens, yes!  Pretty much all Elves can speak some dialect of Sindarin.  It's sort of the Elven lingua-franca.  I don't think he would know a whole lot of Quenya, though.

 As for a name... Well, if you're leaning toward one of those two ideas, I'd advise against "Elhir" since it can be taken to mean "star lord."  You might also use "Edhelhir" or "Ellonhir."

 As for something with a different meaning, you might try something like "Bainhir," or "fair lord."

 Just a couple things to toss out.

 Bado na sídh.




Re: Sindarin word(s) for elf-lord

Oh, I rather like 'Elhir,' though -- both because it could mean 'star lord,' and because it sounds like something a child would produce from an original 'Edhelhir' or the like.




Re: Sindarin word(s) for elf-lord

Um, Legolas does speak Sindarin as well as Sylvan, Westron and probably other tongues, doesn't he?

This may be a day late and a dollar short, as they say, but Legolas would definitely speak Sindarin.  In The Unfinished Tales Tolkien says that the House of Oropher (originally Sindarin speakers) brought the language with them to Greenwood the Great snd that Sindain had replaced the Silvan tongue by the Third Age.

I may be in the minority on this, but I think Legolas might have had some knowlege of Quenya too, as the educated son of a king.  It was a dead language to be sure, but so was Latin for the educated young men of the Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries.  Thingol had outlawed the use of Quenya upon learning of the Kinslayings, but a working knowlege would still have been necessary to understand the older history books.



Re: Sindarin word(s) for elf-lord

There's always "Uncle", or "Master Legolas" (as in "Master Elrond"). He's never called 'lord" or "prince" in the book, as far as I recall.



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