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Sindarin names for warriors?

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to come up with two or three Sindarin names for OC Galadhrim warriors, one of whom will be Celeborn's second-in-command. The other one or two (depending on how the drabble develops ) will also be commanders.

I'm thinking of complimentary names like 'valiant warrior' or 'steadfast warrior', or 'all-around good guy' but would prefer fairly short names.

I'm using Voronda ('steadfast') and Ohtar ('warrior') as placeholders for now, but I'm not entirely sure Ohtar is Sindarin...

Can anyone make any suggestions? I'd really appreciate any help...

- Barbara



Re: Sindarin names for warriors?

I use a website called 'Merin Essi ar Quenteli' which has really nice lists of Sindarin names.  Here is the link:    It seems to be accurate from what I can tell...    There are two parts to the lists.  One part has complete names and one part has nouns and then you can add an ending that means son or male or something.  Anyway here are some complete names that might work:

Mellonar:  Royal friend

Callon: hero

Elhadron: faithful elf

Laegrist: sharp sword

Halhigil: Hidden dagger

Silivegil: shining white sword 




Re: Sindarin names for warriors?

Hi Radbooks!

Thank you for your suggestions! And I will definitely take a look at the web site.

I'm really struggling with the drabble... which looks like it's playing amoeba and splitting into three... so it's nice not to have to struggle quite so hard with the names.

- Barbara



Re: Sindarin names for warriors?


 What a great site for languages and names!  Thanks for the link!




Re: Sindarin names for warriors?

You're very welcome, Barbara!

I know how difficult it can be to come up with a name... I once spent hours finding a name for a CAT.  A cat that will show up in the story a couple of times at the most.  But  I had to have it just right or it wouldn't have worked for me.

I've written exactly one drabble in my life and that was just the other night for a challenge and just to see if I could do it - I don't think it turned out very well, but I tried.   While I do have a few short things under a thousand words, most of my stories tend to be very long novel length works.

Good luck with your drabble and I'm glad I could help!




Re: Sindarin names for warriors?

You're very welcome, Gwynnyd!  I use it for almost all of my OC names.




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