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Discussing: Need Sindarin word for "forgotten/forsaken"

Need Sindarin word for "forgotten/forsaken"

I need a Sindarin word that means "forgotten" or "forsaken."

According to the Hisweloke Sindarin Dictionary, "awartha" means "to forsake/abandon." What would be the past tense of this word?

This would be the name of a female human, if that helps. However, I don't really want to put the usual -wen feminine ending in her name.

Thanks for any help.




Re: Need Sindarin word for

You're looking for the past participle here, and that would be awarthannen.



Re: Need Sindarin word for

Darth Fingon,

Thank you for your speedy translation help. "Awarthannen" will be a great name.

I guess there is no word in Sindarin for "forgotten." I couldn't find anything in any of the Sindarin wordlists I have bookmarked.




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