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ATTN: Posting Drabbles to the HAWriters Story

Hello, drabblers! There have been a storm of drabbles here the past few months! By suggestion, I'm going to go over the process of posting your drabbles to the HAWriters' story. Henneth Annun Writers' Group (HA Writers Group, HAWriters, hawriters) is the collective entity of HASA members. Stories by HA Writers are, for example, the drabbled versions of LOTR, Silm, and Hobbit; onlist challenges; etc.: stories that are contributed to by many authors. HAWriters isn't just a small group of writers: it's everyone who belongs to HASA! CMs don't post drabbles to the HASA Birthday Cards story, you all do, and here's how: 1. E-mail the CMs at (or use the Contact form) to get the hawriters password. 2. Log in as hawriters with the password, and go to My Stories. 3. HASA Birthday Cards is the story you want; go to that. 4. Go to the appropriate month. 5. Post your drabbles under the appropriate person. The formatting is as follows: < u > [Birthday Boy's/Girl's Name] < / u >: [The birthday request] [insert 2 lines] < b > [title of your drabble] < / b >—[your name] [insert 2 lines] Drabble. Close the spaces in the html formatting, fill in the blanks, and your drabble will be posted! If the b-day person's name has been set up, just add your drabble by itself under his/her name and request. Please be very careful and considerate of other authors' work that has already been uploaded. Thanks, HASA Challenges [edit: e-mail address added. Thanks for nothing that, Forodwaith!]



Re: ATTN: Posting Drabbles to the HAWriters Story

It would be helpful if the message above included the email address(es), or if the Bio for the HASA Challenges Admin did. Thanks.



Re: ATTN: Posting Drabbles to the HAWriters Story

In the upper-right corner of your screen, below the "Search" menu, is a "contact" item. Click that and choose "Challenges Manager". That's how I do it... - Barbara



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