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June 2004 Birthdays - 4

Hey guys,

It's that time of the month again. With June just a few days away it's time to celebrate the births of those members born in this month.

Is your birthday in June? Would you like a drabble? Then post a request in this thread so other members can write you drabbles.

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Birthday Drabble Writers - don't forget to add your drabbles to the recipient's story in the HASA Birthday Cards workshop

Instructions for Birthday Drabbling: complete and easy to follow instructions on the new system.



June 2 -- Gwynnyd: I was going to try and think up a very clever and unusual request, but now I don't wanna. I am stuck in a rut and so predictable. Give me Aragorn/Thorongil/Estel/Elessar in any way, shape, or form. Show him being silly, or lover-ly, or noble, or confronting some unusual experience, or meeting someone, or... well, anything. Thanks!

June 7 -- Avon: I'd love (to be predictable) Aragon and Legolas friendship. Book or movieverse is fine by me. If that's not your cup of tea then how about either Boromir and Theodred or Boromir and Faramir? No slash please.

June 7 -- SallyK : My birthday is the 7th June and I am a major Eowyn fan, so I would love anything about her - particularly if it is set after the destruction of the Ring.

June 9 -- AmandaK: Since my June is going to be dominated by music (as in 10 Duran Duran concerts in 3 weeks, in case anyone's interested) I would like to see a drabble about music. Preferably LotR-based since I have neither read The Hobbit or the Silm. Extra points if it features a live Boromir.

June 13 -- Lady Arandel: Of course, I'd like anything Legolas (no slash please). Or failing that, anything with Thranduil or Glorfindel would do. Maybe someone can combine all three?! My muse has been hiding for a long time and I need some inspiration to bring him out!

June 14 -- Shadowed Mind: I would love (if possible) either an Erestor/Glorfindel thing, very sweet and cuddly, or something very romantic and cute about any couple?

June 16 -- Edhellana: I'm a true Gemini (split personality and all! hehehe) So if someone can do a naughty NC-17 drabble with me and the Half-elven twins (Elladan and Elrohir), I would love it....*GRINS*

June 17 -- Linaewen: I would love to see some Boromir drabbles. It's hard to narrow down what I want to something specific, since Boromir anything is just what I like -- Boromir and hobbits, Boromir and Faramir, Boromir being noble and heroic, etc. etc. But if someone is feeling adventurous, why not try giving me some pre-Ring Quest drabbles of Boromir visiting Rohan or Boromir interacting with Gandalf or even Saruman -- extra points if you can get Faramir and a non-movie!verse Denethor in there.



Re: June Birthdays - Take 2

Hi RiverOtter!

Since there has already been a "June Birthdays - Take 2" thread and a "June Birthdays - Act 3" thread, perhaps this one should be Take 4?

Also, I've been meaning to suggest that the birthday threads should always have the year, as well as the month, in the title, since they are all archived...

Hope this helps!
- Barbara



Re: June Birthdays - Take 2

Thanks for the suggestions.

Since Elemmire is handling the birthday threads, I will forward these suggestions to her.




Re: June Birthdays - Act 4

A little double-drabble for Lady Aranel…I coaxed Thranduil out with some elf cookies, but I’m afraid Legolas is off-camera. Possibly making faces.

Well, happy belated birthday!

The Wanderer & The King

"Just a wanderer, hmm?"

Thranduil gave the man before him a cold, hard look. Dreadfully mud-spattered clothes and a deferential demeanor could not hide from him that this was a dúnadan.

"Yes, my lord," replied the young man.

"And would you have a name, wanderer?" asked the king.

"I have left my land behind, lord, and my name also. Call me what you will."

Insolent boy.

"Then, since you are in urgent need of a bath, I shall call you Gwaurven."

He only nodded; yet there was a strange gleam in his eyes.

This one, thought Thranduil, shall need watching.

* * *

“You again, hmm?”

“My lord,” replied the man. His dark hair was now specked with grey, and his countenance was grim and troubled; and Thranduil had not seen such dirt and grime in an age.

Yet the same light was in his eyes that had gleamed there sixty years ago.

“Do not look so worried. I promised Mithrandir we would keep this creature, and we shall. Though I should dearly like to know why.”

“I may not say.”

Thranduil sighed. “Very well. But you do not fool me, Gwaurven. Someday I shall have my answers. Now go,” he waved. “Bathe.”

A/N: Gwaurven–“dirty man”




Re: June Birthdays - Act 4

OH! This was unlooked for, my lady. Please excuse my tardiness in conveying my appreciation! Thank you so much. I love it!!!

~Lady Aranel~



Re: June Birthdays - Act 4

Ooh, Elemmire; excellent work! You write a marvelous Thranduil, very true to Tolkien's version. "Gwaurven" - ROFL!

I don't suppose you could write a sequel encounter, after "Gwaurven" has been crowned Elessar Telcontar King of Gondor and Arnor, yadda yadda and presumably finally gotten some clean clothes?




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