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August 2005 Birthdays - 2

Hello, darlings!

Guess who's baaaaaack!

*jumps into view*


August only has a few days left, but just in case there are more drabbles to be posted...

Birthday boys and girls, click here to go to the workshop, and here to go to the August challenge.

For your convinient perusal, I also include the instruction manual.


August Birthday (& Other Celebratory) Requests

Jay of Lasgalen - It's not my birthday (that's in January) but can I make a different request? We have just celebrated our Silver wedding anniversary (25 years!) - would someone write a drabble featuring any two wedded elves? Elrond/Celebrian, Thranduil/Legolas's mother, any one you like, canon or OC. Romance or smut would be fine - slash between bonded elves is also OK.

August 13th - Elvenesse: My birthday is on the 13th, so only six days away. I'm quite fond of Celeborn at the moment, so anything about him during any stage of his life would be welcome! Apart from that I'm not fussy: I like elves very much, as well as the Dunedain, Rohirrim and Gondorians. I don't mind smut in any form, and depressing stuff is good too. I'm tempted to list every single character I like, but instead I'll shut up now.

August 17th - Mallondwen: Hi, my birthday is August 17th, and I'll be 19 years old. Though my request is a bit late, I would love to have a drabble for my birthday - even if it's late. I'm partial to Legolas (young Legolas is my favorite) but Aragorn or other members of the Fellowship are welcome also. If possible include horses or other animals or birds - the more exotic the better! (No slash please.)

August 19th - Eruwestial: My birthday is August 19th and I'm a big Legolas fan. However, it seems his partner gets ignored rather often, so I'd like to ask for Gimli or Gimli and Legolas Drabbles if I may. NO het content please, but slash is very welcome.

August 19th - Kiana (via Lady Aranel): My daughter Kiana (who is quite elf-like herself) will be 11 years old on August 19th. She asked me if anyone might write her a 'story' (drabble) about Legolas when he was 11 years old. And she wouldn't mind if she was included in the 'story'. Please keep interactions age appropriate. She is a petite blonde, blue eyed with a slight point to her ears and identifies which makes her indentify with Legolas a lot. :-)...I will compile the drabbles on one print out and give them to her in her birthday card. I will be sure to let everyone that contributes know how they were recieved!



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