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Celebrate HASA's Fifth Birthday!

On July 1 HASA celebrates its fifth anniversary/birthday.

To honor our site and the folks who make it so special, how about writing a drabble, poem, ficlet--or for that matter, drawing a picture--featuring the number 5, wood (for the fifth wedding anniversary), and/or a red gem (the July birthstone--Narya, anyone)? 

Pick one, two, or, for the adventurous, all three: five, wood, red gem.

Post your contributions in this special thread AND in your own story. I will be making a playlist where they will be grouped together.

The challenge closes on July 31.

Gandalfs apprentice



Re: Celebrate HASA's Fifth Birthday!

Happy Birthday HASA Wave


Five years it had taken to rebuild the Library after the great fire. No books had been lost, though it had been a close call, the Librarian remembered.

At least she had convinced the King not to move the collection to Pelargir, for her beloved, fragile books could not bear the damp sea air.

She did not relish the new suggestion of moving them to the Archives in Minas Tirith, though at least the air in there was suitably dry. But with Eldacar's Northerners marching on Osgiliath, it was the only way to save the books from a second fire.



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