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February 2010 Birthday Cards

Does no-one want one this month, do I take it?



Re: February 2010 Birthday Cards

I don't know, but I'll include a reminder in tomorrow's news bulletin for the February birthday people that it isn't too late yet if they want one ;-)



Re: February 2010 Birthday Cards

Yes, Nath, do that.

Also, even if someone didn't get a birthday request in during their birthday month, birthday stories can always be added to the Playlist for the year's birthday drabbles. You do not need to have entered the birthday challenge to add your stories to the playlist. The 2010 Birthday Present Playlist is now posted with the January presents. You can view it here

To be added to the playlist, just join the Workshop for the current year's birthday presents (2010 birthday workshop is here. You must be logged in to view it) and add stories written for you or stories you've written for someone else. Each month, the Workshop administrator adds the new stories to the playlist.

There are 38 HASA members with birthdays in February. Use the Calendar of Events to see who is celebrating (Note - only members can see other members' birthdays). Is there someone you admire? Write them a drabble, leave a comment letting them know how much you like their stories, or send them an email wishing them a happy birthday. Heart




Re: February 2010 Birthday Cards

I'm so, so sorry for being AWOL for so long!

I just set up (finally!) the birthday forum thread for February, in the new location Anglachel provided: go here!

This forum here will no longer be used: the new forum exists for birthday requests for the year 2010.

Perhaps we can still find some requests for the reminder of February; but in any case now that I'm here and have a bit of time, I have already set up the March thread (plus respective March Birthday Challenge).

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