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Fight against Mary Sue

She's the enemy of all ambitious and skilled writers. She's a plague at She's a bore. She's disgusting. So...

This is an anti-Mary-Sue nuzgul thingie.

How to write, not just an OC romance avoiding HER, but one that attacks her and beats her ... in the face, below the belt, by means of all weapons available, humour and irony, exaggeration and sarcasm, humiliation, darkness... a character who appears Mary Sue but either turns out to be everything-but or is given the treatment she deserves... and that ain't nice, nohow...

However, I don't think rants or essays or pseudo-essays fit this description. A story, honest and a good read, too.

(naturally I have mine brewing already... and brewing is a good word for that one, given the amount of alcohol involved!)



Re: Fight against Mary Sue

*smiles* There are *tons* of parodies out there, so don't be afraid to go to and find them. If I locate any really good ones, I'll post links to them here.

I'd love to read yours!




Re: Fight against Mary Sue

There are? How come I only find the rotten ones? You know, lists and rants and such... I mean, I did read that 'Nine Men and a little Lady' piece by Kielle, found it by chance when she reviewed me, and some totally dirty thing called 'Debbie Does the Fellowship', but the rest is too angry to be fun... or perhaps I should try some other seach method?...

I'd appreciate the links, yes...

Mine is in the HASA beta archive, under the title of 'Niphredil Baggins, Adventuress' --- written to attack all these ridiculous daughter-of-a-fellowship-member stories where the heroine is very boring and everyone loves her... sometimes it's Elanor Gamgee, sometimes Aragorn's daughter... very often a Baggins or a Brandybuck...

My Niphredil is at least not boring and has the manners of a soldier... with a tendency to drink too much... and end up in very improper situations, and so on... I would hate to be her and I would also hate to be one of her victims...

she does not precicely make everyone fall in love with her... fall in bed, sure...



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