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Hutch Escapees: Thranduil and the Blue Wizards

Heads up! We have two new Challenges:

Thranduil: the true story

Thanks to five writers, this little bunny has not only escaped the Hutch to become a full blown Challenge, but before it ever had a deadline set for it as a Challenge, it already had five stories!

This is relatively painless (for a nuzgûl that bites): any good story about Thranduil that doesn't portray him as the fanonical, child-raping, greedy, drunken bastard we all hate. Thranduil is looking for a few good stories about him that are faithful to his canonical portrayal.

And while I'm here, may I SOP the recent essay, "A Case of Mistaken Identity", by Coriel, as a good reference for those researching Thranduil's character? Points out lots of places where he has been mentioned and has a nice dose of intelligent speculation to boot.

Go here to see it. Read the stories, adopt the bunny.

Deadline is: August 15, 2004, one year after it was 'born'. Thanks to Zim for thinking this one up, and to all the writers who have already ensured it a place in the Public Challenges archive.

Blue Wizards

There are already two stories written about the mysterious Blue Wizards. We need only three more, but of course, more are always welcome. Who were they? What happened to them, and where did they go? Was Tolkien right to say that they ultimately failed, becoming the source of the strange magical arts and superstitions in the south-eastern lands?

Tell us their story!

Click here to see the Challenge and its stories.

The deadline for this one is August 2, 2004.



Re: Hutch Escapees: Thranduil and the Blue Wizards

I think I'll have to take a crack at this challenge

I have a few details about elves that I need to work out. Can you point me to some good websites for background on "everyday" life for elves?




Re: Hutch Escapees: Thranduil and the Blue Wizards

Excellent! Want the two for one special? Two old guys with staffs, Cheryl, how can you say 'no'? ;-)

Hm. Everyday living for Elves? You know, check Resources and the URL library. I have no idea. Another resource might be to look up information on life in a Mediaeval village. An SCA website might be very helpful in that respect. I know a few members around here (Julie and Isabeau) are SCAers (or former SCAers) so they may be able to give you some pointers. I believe if you go to Oddlots (google search it), the homepage of the Philosopher at Large, you may find an essay/post on why Elvish princesses don't shop at the GAP. It's been awhile since I read it, but it may have some useful information for you.

Sorry I can't be more helpful!



Re: Hutch Escapees: Thranduil and the Blue Wizards

Two for one special?? Oh good grief...NO! I'm already working on a Legolas/Aragorn fic and have an outline for another Aragorn fic....and I'm an NEWBIE to boot! *furiously beating away nuzguls*

Seriously though, I'm finding myself a bit handicapped by my lack of knowledge *eventhough I'm trying to learn as fast as I can* It seems I start writing, and hit a wall because of all the stupid little, trivial facts that I don't know. For example, right now I'm stuck on getting Legolas, Thranduil and Co. from Mirkwood to Rivendell. (how far is that, anyway? I'm guessing based on the scale map I have at approx. 120 leagues.) Then my mind goes to "okay, so what would they be doing on this trip? I'm distressingly lacking in the familiarity with the characters and races. That's one reason why I want to do this challenge; the more I play with the characters, the more familiar I'll get with them.

*sigh* Oh well, I"m off to the bookstore again tomorrow for yet more resources. LOL



Connection Crisis

Ugh, sorry about the snaffoo...I had some connection problems and ended up with multiple postings. I couldn't delete the messages (not sure how to do that, if there is a way) so the best I could do was erase the text in the extra messages.

So sorry!!



Re: Hutch Escapees: Thranduil and the Blue Wizards

Hopefully you'll read this before reaching said bookstore. For maps, Karen Fonstad's atlas is probably your best resource. I know some people here do have it, so if you post a request in ... er... I think it's Research Questions forum, you may get some help even if you don't buy the book. There are also some good map sites you can access through the URL Library in Resources. Don't worry, we all do the eyeballing thing, and I've been known to make horrid errors in that regard.

As for the "what do they do while travelling" question, ah, yes, the perennial problem! Fear not, it's not because you're new to this that the question afflicts you. That's always the question.

And aha, a self-confessed newbie! Most excellent. Welcome to Challenges, and while you're at it, feel free to drop any nuzgûl in the "New Members II" thread.


P.S. Don't worry about the extra threads, I can get rid of them for us.



Re: Hutch Escapees: Thranduil and the Blue Wizards

Cheryl, I'm posting late so you may have found these already. From HoMe the most useful would probably be Morgoth's Ring, Laws and Customs of the Eldar

Some web sites that might help:

Life in an Elven Fishing Town

You can download the Parma Endorian by Michael Martinez at

The blurb indicates it includes: "What does an Elf do in Aman?" to "Planning the Middle-earth wedding" to "The Wonders of Middle-earth"

Hope this helps.

And of course, if you painstakingly extract good information from all this, you wouldn't want it to go to waste after you write your story, would you? [cough]
You could write it up as a research article and put it in Resources....

Lyllyn, ever ready to fling resource!nuzgul



Re: Hutch Escapees: Thranduil and the Blue Wizards

Lyllyn, ever ready to fling resource!nuzgul

Hey, now, we don't let your kind just come in here and leave! You have to pay a toll: Blue Wizards. Short, sweet, and just the ticket out! ;-)



Re: Hutch Escapees: Thranduil and the Blue Wizards

You guys are so sweet! Thanks for the tips. I love the Parma, what a wealth of information! Thanks Lyllyn!

But, ahem, I think I'm a bit too novice to be writing a resource article on said information. However, just to appease the resource nuzgul, I am writing one on training war horses.

Dwim, thanks for deleting my multiple posts...that was embarassing. I'm glad that I'm among good company in wondering exactly what to do to fill in the "travel" time. I'm thinking they need a little...excitement when crossing the Misty Mountains.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I needed it!

I found a great little book called "The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-earth." Its got a fabulous english-elvish glossary and some rather interesting linguistic information. I'm still on the hunt for Morgoth's Ring. Sheesh, there are SO MANY resource books out there!



Re: Hutch Escapees: Thranduil and the Blue Wizards

I believe Morgoth's Ring is still only in hardcover. I've seen it a couple times, but only ever in that state and I can never quite justify the price. I mean, as a college student, that's about three days' worth of meals... If you're looking for information on Sindarin and Quenya, though, there's an excellent website out there called Ardalambion (has info about every language Tolkien ever mentions in LoTR) and a nice downloadable Sindarin-English dictionary out there called Dragon Flame. Both have yet to let me down. A couple notes about that book you've got, though. In the Sindarin section, its info on the conjugation of verbs is a little off. It only covers the form of verbs with the i-stem. There's another set of conjugations for verbs with the a-stem. If you're working on writing in Sindarin, the book is a little off, too. The alphabet it puts forth is the Gondorian Mode of writing. Classical Sindarin uses stand-alone characters for vowels the same way English does. To make matters worse, the Gondorian Mode then goes and swaps some characters around. Like, the character they have listed as the R sound is actually N in Classical Sindarin. It really gets quite confusing. ^^; Berz (AKA Leet Elvish Nerd).



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