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Dís, the dwarf-woman

Dís is the daughter of Thráin II, and sister of Thorin II Oakenshield. She is the only dwarf-woman mentioned by Tolkien. Why is this so? What makes Dís so significant that she is the sole dwarf-woman to be named? Tell us about Dís’s life, or if you want to keep it short, the event(s) that led her to becoming the only dwarf-woman we have knowledge of.

Anybody interested?



Re: Dís, the dwarf-woman

Now this would be a very interesting challenge. I've wondered about Dís before, but I haven't yet come up with a story for her. I'd love to see her written, though, and if we did get several views of her, that'd be terrific.

Oh Ang... ? Have a challenge for ya....

Any other Dwarven investigators out there?



Re: Dís, the dwarf-woman

I've had a plotbunny about her for a while, but those of you who have read my Gimli fics can probably guess what directions I'd go with it.




Re: Dís, the dwarf-woman

"Dís suppressed a yawn. The haggling had been going on for the better part of an hour, and the Master of Lake-town was no closer to reason than when they had started. She resisted scratching at the edge of her veil where it was tickling her ear. She could hear Dáin’s growing irritation as his answers became shorter and shorter.

She made a minute gesture with the small finger of her left hand. Dáin wrinkled his nose to show he understood.

‘Master,’ she growled, ‘you insult us with your claims of penury. We are not asking for coin – we ask for salt fish. If you truly cannot replenish your stores, then why do you seek to trade at all?’ The Master’s ears turned a bit red, and he glared at her.

‘Young master,’ the corpulent man sneered, ‘pray hold your tongue while your elders conduct business.’ Dís suppressed a chuckle. Young master, indeed! This was her trade delegation, and her kingly cousin had asked to come along so she could show him how to deal with these troublesome fisher-folk. Better them than Elves. She fixed an unfriendly, night-dark eye on the Master until he cleared his throat and took a step back.

‘It takes no age to see poor trade, Master Fisher,’ she calmly replied. ‘We will give you two bars of copper and one of iron for each eight-stone barrel of fish. Do not insult my uncle any more with your foolishness, lest I need to teach you more gracious manners with the edge of an axe.’ Dáin sent her an amused glance, but growled for effect. The other two with them glowered mightily in an effort to keep from laughing at the hapless human."

My donation to the effort.




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