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Skin-changers of Middle-earth

In 'The Hobbit' Tolkien wrote about Beorn, a man who could change into a bear. His descendants, the Beornings, are said to have the same ability. But surely, with Middle-earth being so large and inhabited by a multitude of unusual beings there is a very real possibility that the Beornings weren't the only Skin-changers. So why not write about these unique Men? There's a world of possibilities! # When and how did they acquire the ability to change into an animal?#How would Skin-changers perceive Arda, seeing that they would obviously have a much stronger bond to it than other Men? #What would their interaction with other Men be like? And for that matter, Dwarwes, Elves, Hobbits etc.? #The way of life of Skin-changers - social structure, culture, tradition, religious beliefs if any. #And most importantly of all, how did Beorn's bees get so huge? Steroids? So, any suggestions, ideas, freshly hatched nuzgul... victims of the freshly hatched nuzgul?



Re: Skin-changers of Middle-earth

I'd be interested in this one! You can count me in. CLF



Re: Skin-changers of Middle-earth

Hey CLF, glad to have you aboard! That makes one. Three to go. Any other volunteers? As an afterthought - what kind of animal could a Skin-changer turn in to? Beornings turn into bears so there would probably be Skin-changers who represented other predatory animals. But what about herbivores, birds or even reptiles? Imagine writing a story about Skin-changers who could turn into birds! Flight is after all one of the biggest dreams of humankind.



Re: Skin-changers of Middle-earth

*waves at this prospective challenge as it slowly sinks into the deeps of the Great Sea* Well, seems like there is little to no interest. I won't give up that easily, however. I'll go submit this to the nuzgul hutch. May it breed at prosper therein.



Re: Skin-changers of Middle-earth

Give the challenge a few days. You might suggest it on the list. RiverOtter



Re: Skin-changers of Middle-earth

Hey, Malva! I went ahead and put this one in the hutch; if it garners five pledges, I'll change it from nuzgul to challenge! Always, Allie



Re: Skin-changers of Middle-earth

Count me in as one of the hapless victims, I'm very interested! I adopted it from the Hutch and I'll be working on it in the coming weeks.



Re: Skin-changers of Middle-earth

Woot! Another one down! Glad that this story idea caught your attention, Ender. May the muses be generous to you. Malva



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