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A Herald's Tale

A Herald’s Tale Eönwë, herald of Manwë – he was there to greet Eärendil, participated in the War of Wrath, prevented the killing of Maedhros and Maglor, and… Tell a tale of Eönwë (any genre, any length.) Some ideas to get the juices flowing: Could it have been he who pronounced the Doom of the Kinslaying, and if so what did he think about it all? Was it he who presented Elrond and Elros with decision regarding their fate, and was it he who heard their choice? What were his first impressions of Eärendil? What were some of his experiences while he was in Middle-earth? What were some of his experiences while he dwelt among the Fathers of Men and taught them? What did he do when his services weren’t required? Karri



Re: A Herald's Tale

I was just wondering about that the other day! I'd be interested!



Re: A Herald's Tale

Fascinating stuff, Karri: you've given some wonderful prompts! Tolkien always makes you wonder about these sideline characters, who were there to deliver or hear news that would have import on the rest of the world (but that they weren't responsible for doing anything about). Any takers? ~Allie



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