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A Return to Valinor

Celeborn. We know that he stayed on in Middle-Earth for quite a while - but eventually he'd have to go to Valinor, wouldn't he? So, write a story in which Celeborn arrives on the shores of Valinor - and he's late. Here are some deas you could use for this one: -In-laws. He's going to be meeting Finarfin and Earwen for the first time. What would they think of this backwood Sindarin prince who has married their daughter? Earwen could provide a Telerin viewpoint, if you wish. - Meeting Feanorians again - it's not entirely silly to suppose that perhaps some of the Feanorians have left Mandos. Celeborn doesn't exactly have a very happy relationship with this little lot, either. - Thingol? He's probably left Mandos's halls, too. Is it very unlikely to suppose that he and Celeborn would be rather pally again? - Celeborn himself - what is his mental state like? He's probably not a very chipper Elf - seeing what those confounded Humans have done to Arda can't have been good for him.



Re: A Return to Valinor

A good topic, Noldo! If you came up with this nuzgul, you'll love Marnie's Seeds of Old Trees. It addresses everything you've listed except meeting the Feanorians, and it's just gorgeous. It's so awesome that this is fixed in my mind as how it happened. Anyone else want to give it a try? Always, Allie



Re: A Return to Valinor

Thanks, Allie! Yes, I'd love to see Celeborn meet up with one of the Feanorians - Maedhros for preference. I settled for Celebrimbor instead, as he was a Feanorian grandchild, and there was the whole 'you stole my girl/you stole my kingdom' thing going on between them But I'd love to see Celeborn coming up against Ingwë or even Manwë. I wouldn't put it past him to tell Manwë that he's been doing a rubbish job of looking after Middle-earth all this time.



Re: A Return to Valinor

Ooh, or Celeborn meeting Elbereth! Wow, that would be something



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