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Well, this isn't quite an "official challenge", but something fun! Some members have come up with a new, innovative way to challenge themselves. What is it, you ask? Instant drabbling. What is it, you ask? Well, let me tell you: memebers get together on an IM service (YIM: Yahoo!Instant Messenger), and drabble using certain words. If there are enough people, splitting into different conferences would work well. This auspicious event, the First Of Its Kind, will take place on Thursday, March 17th. 3:00 PM (15:00) US Eastern Time 9:00 PM (21:00) Central European Time Post here if there are any questions! Credit to the originators of this: JunoMagic, and araneltook! Allie



Re: Insta-drabbling!

I was going to join Juno Magic last night, but didn't make it (sorry!). I'd like to do this, but won't be able to get online until 16.30 EST. - Kate



Re: Insta-drabbling!

I think we will still be drabbling by then... you may miss the first two drabbles depending on how much interest there is in this activity and how long it takes us to sort everyone into nice YIM-conferences, but I think 16:30 EST will be good enough for two drabbles at least. ~~~*~~~ By the way, do you all realize that Thursday is the 17th of March is the 25th of March Shire Reckoning is the day the One Ring was destroyed is one of the HASA holidays? Instant-Drabbling as a way to celebrate the New Year and Sauron's demise! ~~~*~~~ Perhaps to explain just what we are up to: Aranel Took and I have been instant drabbling successfully for four afternoons/evenings now. It is quite amazing what our subconscious comes up with! What we do is this: we meet on YIM in a YIM- conference. Depending on how many drabblers there are we randomly pick one or two English words each (4 words all in all seems to be a good number) and compose a drabble that has to contain these words (all of them). One drabble seems to take us between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on what words have come up. This a wonderful way to get the creative juices flowing. We still don't know if 98 or 101 words are worse, but we are working on it. ~~~*~~~ Everyone who is interested should sign in to the Yahoo Chatroom at the HASA-News-Yahoo-Group (the NEWS Yahoo Group, not HA!) at 15:00 American EST or 21:00 CET on Thursday. Then we can sort out how many participants we are and how many conferences we will need or if some of you would rather stay in the Chatroom for the drabbling. I am looking forward to HASA's first Instant Drabbling Event! Yours Juno



Re: Insta-drabbling!

I forgot to mention three useful links to random word pickers. 1. This one gives the results in html, but if you choose a list of ten words, you get a fairly good mix of verbs, nouns, adjectives and even adverbs. You might want to use a random number picker to choose which of the ten words should be yours. link: Random English Word Picker 2. This one gives the random word at the bottom of the page to the right hand side. If you click on it, it takes you to an explanation of the word and gives you a new random word. The catch is that the random words seem to be fixed for each page. But the mixture is really good and an explanation can be very useful. link: ThesaurusDictionary 3. This random word picker gives you a fairly long list of random words. But they are very difficult for the most part and there seem to be not many verbs in it. Picking one word from the list would probably have to be done per hand i.e. mouse. link: Naque's Random Word Picker See you on Thursday! Yours Juno - still



Re: Insta-drabbling!

The New Year according to the New Reckoning has been suitably celebrated by the following participants: Allie Meril Eärengil JunoMagic Aranel Took Elevenesse Gwynnyd Arandil Narwen Almiriel We toasted the One Ring's destruction, Sauron's demise and this new year of the seventh age of the world. And in honour of the holiday we did some three to four hours' worth of Instant Drabbling. What happend and some of the drabbles that were written you can read in the following LJ-posts: Allie: Whoa Juno: And now let us not think about Saruman's "machete" Aranel: Even more drabbles... If you are interested in the fun of Instant Drabbling, watch this forum for the next date to be announced! Yours JunoStillTiredFromTheDrabbling



More insta-drabbling!

It's addictive. Really, it is. Sunday, March 27th. 4:00 PM (16:00) US Eastern Time. YIM: Yahoo! Instant Messenger. Add allie_meril and/or juno_magic to your YIM buddy list, and be online at that time! It'll be so fun! Allie



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