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Before the Seat of the Dark Lord

Heh, a tad nervous, as this is my first time, but... why not? As I reread The Lord of the Rings, I came upon a very interesting quote: "‘Dangerous!’ cried Gandalf. ‘And so am I, very dangerous: more dangerous than anything you will ever meet, unless you are brought alive before the seat of the Dark Lord.’" -The White Rider, TTT Now, naturally, a question sprung up into my mind. Has anyone ever been brought to the Dark Lord himself after his downfall from the Second Age? If so, what type of person? King Earnur, perhaps? Or a spy from a time closer to the Ring War? Or, what if someone from the Ring War was brought to him in a chance of ill fate; Frodo, Aragorn, Gandalf? The whole Fellowship? So the challenge is to write a story in which one (or a few) unfortunate persons meet the Dark Lord himself in the Third Age, whether it be spies from Gondor or the heir of Isildur.



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Aragorn before Sauron? I have thought about this before. It would be like "The battle in front of the Morannon is lost and everybody is dead...but Aragorn is taken before Sauron who takes SO sweat revenge for what Isildur had done. And of course for the Palantír-battle-of-wills. He would be tortured "until he sreamed for death" how they like to say it. But of course Sauron eouldn't give it. Would Aragorn give back the gift? ~Vil



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Re: Before the Seat of the Dark Lord

What a gruesome proposal! Frankly, I'm much too timid to take this one on, but I have to admit I would probably read all the entries. Shiver! How could it possibly have a happy ending, no matter who the victim? Except Gandalf, Galadriel or Elrond--maybe. Kind of like a Middle-earth ultimate horror flick. I find it really hard to imagine what Sauron was like in his post-Numenor catastrophe incarnation, aside from knowing that he certainly wasn't one giant red eye hanging off the Barad-dur TV antennas, as Jackson has it. The only thing we know for certain is that he's missing a finger and that, supposedly, he's black. (try to ignore the racist connotations....) Maybe the mystery makes it more powerful. Gandalfs apprentice



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I'm probably mad to take this on, but I have been thinking of doing Sauron somehow, some way... I'd like to give this a go. It might be interesting to see if I can manage to write a tale that does NOT have Boromir in it. On the other hand, a tale of Boromir and Sauron has an intriguing ring to it... No pun intended. And count me in.



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The staring yellow eye wound round with flame spit a nuzgul at my ankle, and it stuck. Pippin hunted down and dragged to Mordor and tortured to give up the Ring. If this makes it as a challenge, I will write it.




Re: Before the Seat of the Dark Lord

Another victim...I mean, taker...  Does that make three or four? Vilwarin, are you in? Only a few more victims people, Ainu Laire, and you'll have a Challenge.



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