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Sackville Bagginses

They're the relations everybody loves to hate, but what really motivates the Sackville Bagginses? Lotho was obviously pretty thick with Sauruman by the time the heroes come home. When and how did that relationship start? What did he think would be in it for him? What might Lobelia be thinking while stuck in the lockholes?

I'm interested in exploring these elusive, repulsive people. Anybody else game?



Re: Sackville Bagginses

<beats head against wall>

Well, it's obvious that Bilbo held the mortgages on a lot of the land that Otho bought in Southfarthing... who would they borrow from except rich Cousin Bilbo?

My beta readers are gonna kill me...

Sure, count me in. What's one more Nuzgul in the queue?




Re: Sackville Bagginses

Now there's a facinating idea! I'd never pictured Bilbo as a loan shark before. I'll look forward to learning all the gory details.

Welcome aboard, Gwynnyd. And don't be dismayed about your imaginative backlog. You know what they say about Nuzguls: the more the merrier!




Re: Sackville Bagginses

I have a love sonnet of sorts between Lobelia and Bag End which also touches on her relationship with Bilbo. If you think it's appropriate I'll be glad to enterit. I have an idea for a drabble or two that might fit, too.




Re: Sackville Bagginses

Enter them Marta. I have always found Lobelia a fascinating person.

And more information about the plant lobelia:




Re: Sackville Bagginses

Hi all,

I'm not entering the challenge, but I had a bunch of notes about the S-B's that I entered into the Resources Library this evening, because of your interest.

Here are several new and old entries that might provide background and/or inspiration:

The Lockholes (added)

Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
Otho Sackville-Baggins
Lotho Sackville-Baggins (aka Pimple or the Chief or the Boss)

Events (note that many of these dates are estimated):
Saruman sends agents to the Shire and Bree

Saruman opens trade with the Shire

Saruman provisions Isengard for war
Lotho Sackville-Baggins buys much land in the Shire
October: Saruman's ruffians occupy the Shire

January: Lotho Sackville-Baggins seizes control of the Shire
October: Lotho Sackville-Baggins slain by Gríma Wormtongue at Bag End

Hope this helps, and happy writing!

- Barbara



Re: Sackville Bagginses

Yes, please enter your sonnet, Marta, as well as anything else you feel inspired to write. I think I read your poem when I looked up the 15 entries in the archive which feature Lobelia as a character. (Compare with over 100 for Bilbo, and over 600 for Aragorn)

For this challenge, I'm looking for just about anything that focuses on the Sackville Baginses as principle characters, since they seem to have been so neglected.

Thanks for your support.




Re: Sackville Bagginses

Awesome information! Thanks so much for this concise and helpful summary. I'm sure it will prove extremely useful for all who fall victim to this nuzgul.




Re: Sackville Bagginses

That's three: Wordweaver, Marta and Gwynnyd. Two more and you have a full-blown challenge.

You might promote this on the HA list.




Re: Sackville Bagginses

I've never proposed a challenge before. How would I go about promoting it on the HA list?



Re: Sackville Bagginses

Take the information you used in proposing the challenge. Write it up in an interesting manner and suggest that others join you in this. You might mention some of the resources as well.

If you want to send me your proposed text, I'll help polish it. Send with the word Challenge as your subject.

River Otter



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