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Maglor-- last surviving son of Feanor

The fate of Maglor, last surviving son of Feanor, is one debated or unknown by many in Middle Earth. Write an AU fic where Maglor decides to come among elves again. What would his part be in the war of the ring? How would he be received-- as a tragic hero, misunderstood-- or as a disgrace to elves, a kinslayer and a murderer? (Keep in mind, he took care of Elrond and Elros, and was very close to the brothers. A haven for Noldorin elves happened to be Imladris. It would make sense that he would be involved in the Council of Elrond...)



Re: Maglor-- last surviving son of Feanor

You know, I am taking part in a roleplay under just such conditions as what you have lined out in your prospective challenge. Maybe I can create a story from it. I had been thinking of writing one before I saw this prospective challenge.

Never having taken part in a challenge at HASA is there a link to how to do so? Since this is a 'prospective challenge' does it mean it has to have approval from others in order to become a Challenge? Can you give me some advice?




Re: Maglor-- last surviving son of Feanor

The Challenges FAQ can be found by selecting "Challenges" in the Sections dropdown and then clicking on the FAQ link at the top right hand side.

 Or you can click here: Challenges FAQ

 If five people chime in that they are interested in the challenge, it ceases being 'prospective' and is entered into a database as a regular challenge. At that time you can link an existing story to the challenge or put in a 'placeholder' for your as-yet-unwritten story.  A placeholder is just a promise to write a story on that topic at some point.  I blush to think of how many placeholders I have still awaiting stories, so don't hesitate to peruse the Challenges section and enter challenges that appeal to you.

Challenges have an end date.  After that time, the stories that are entered in it are available for viewing on the public side. They do not have to go through the review process, although you can, of course, still submit them for review. Unreviewed Challenge stories are accessed through the Challenges link on the public welcome page and do not show up on the searches in the drop down lists. Reviewed "Approved" Challenge stories show up in both places.

If the closing date of the challenge has passed and you'd still like to link a story of yours to it, you can do so in the Oliphaunt Pen.  However, Oliphaunt Pen stories do not show up on the public-side Challenge links.  If you put in a placeholder, you can link a story at any time, even if the challenge has closed, and it will show up on the public side.

I hope I have not just confused you!  If you have any more questions, please ask, and the Challenge Managers can step in to give you the answers.


(Workshop Admin)



Re: Maglor-- last surviving son of Feanor

Thank you once more Gwynnyd! Once again you have been a wealth of knowledge for a newbe.

The site is big and I have explored a lot of it but I still get lost and sometimes frustrated because I KNOW I have been to a certain area but darn if I can remember how I got there!



Re: Maglor-- last surviving son of Feanor

Glad I'm not the only one who's thought of this particular plot (in a way anyway) I've been writing a story over on another site covering a fairly similar plot; I've yet to post it here. It's not exactly the same since it's based early Fourth age. But very intriguing.



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