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While I was writing in another forum, a nuzgul bit me from behind.

Lúthien, Elros and Arwen all decided to become mortal. In what way would their life be changed?

* Would their body change? Like the dulling of senses I have read about numerous times

* Would their mind - their way of thinking - be affected?

* How would Elros and Arwen fit into human society?

* How would they cope with the fact they will never see their kin again?

* How would they react once they understand the extend of their choise?

* Would Beren and Aragorn feel guilty?

This could both be in essay or in story form. What do you think?




Re: Mortality

Hi Vil,

I actually have a drabble series about some Gondorian lords talking about how Arwen, as an elf-princess, would be given political status in Gondor as elves were outside the established social pecking order. I'm also trying to work on a piece about Arwen's and Aragorn's wedding which will deal with a lot of those questions, like just what does it feel like to lose your immortality. And Faramir will certainly be working on how to welcome Arwen into Gondorian society in much more detail than this drabble series allowed.

If either of those would fit, you can count me as in. Are you in as well?




Re: Mortality

Were they from a birthday drabble? Anyway, of course it does fit and I am in as well.




Re: Mortality

I have an unposted, draft story that deals with these subjects in a somewhat AU fashion. So you could count me in as well. It's the same story that I was going to contribute to my proposed "Numenorean Death" challenge, but that one doesn't seem to be going anywhere.




Re: Mortality

Hi Vilwarin,

Yeah, they were the birthday drabble that I wrote for Gwynnyd this year. I never got around to setting up a story for it, but they're available in the forum here, if you need to take a look.

I will try to come up with a second piece but the muse is being extremely skittish these days, so I really can't make promises about that one.




Re: Mortality

I'll post "Life Lessons" for this one, and if ever I can get the larger story from which it was culled unstuck, I may be able to justify entering it into this challenge as well as the LACE one.




Re: Mortality

This plot bunny has been eating away at my mind for over a year, now. I would definitely participate in this challenge. Two things that have interested me are 1) the effects of mortality on a formally immortal being (such as an elf) and 2) the relationship (friendship, love, etc.) shared between a mortal and an immortal.

I am very excited by this idea.



Re: Mortality

So let me see: We have me, Marta, Gandalfs apprentice, Dwim and Teleri. That makes five and we have a challenge!

Arwen renounced her immortality on midsummer 2980 and married at the same date 39 years later. So deadline will be June

The challenge Mortality and the Discussion




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