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Quickie Challenge: Remembrances

Hey guys,

It's the fifth Sunday of December, so I have set up a new quickie challenge: Remembrances. Write a drabble, story, poem, etc. about any character looking back on something that happened in the past. This is in honor of New Year's Eve.

Enter the stories in the challenge at the above link, and feel free to post here when you post your story.




Re: Quickie Challenge: Remembrances

I've put a place holder in the challenge - I've been meaning to write the "prequels" to my drabble "Hidden on the Mountain" and so create a drabble mini series, and I hope the very fitting challenge theme finally sparks my inspiration...

I have two questions:

1. If I have a place holder, do I still have to enter a story before the challenge closes?

2. Can I also enter a WiP, or a beta story? 




Re: Quickie Challenge: Remembrances

What a wonderful quickie. I just may have an idea.



Re: Quickie Challenge: Remembrances

Hi Imhiriel,

1. I hope a challenges volunteer will correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm 90% certain that if you enter a placeholder, you can later enter a story, even after the challenge closes. Though, since this is a time-limited challenge, it would be great if you could get the story written as soon as possible afterwards.

2. Yep, you can enter a WIP or beta story. If you don't want the story to show up outside of the members-only section, make sure you give it a "Beta" status; otherwise, it will show up site-wide with the challenge, even without having to log in.




Re: Quickie Challenge: Remembrances

Hello Marta,

thanks for the help! I will try to get a least one new drabble written before the deadline!




Re: Quickie Challenge: Remembrances

Story written... Slightly darker, and a bit more AU Wink , than I had in mind, but this was what the muse was willing to come up with. 'A different road' can be found here



Re: Quickie Challenge: Remembrances

I've finally worked out at least the first chapter of my proposed entry for the challenge, "The Remembrance of Trees". The drabble series as such is still very much a "construction site", which you can peek into here.

I wanted to have this one done before the deadline, but I still have the flu, so I may fiddle around with this chapter, as well, once I have the energy back.




Re: Quickie Challenge: Remembrances

Hi everyone,

I've added a new drabble, Unwilling, to the Remembrance Challenge. It is about an Avari contemplating the vast changes in Middle-earth wrought during the Dominion of Men.


- Barbara

Added: P.S. And I also added an older drabble of mine, after I realized that it fit the challenge well:

Frodo remembers Balin's visit to Bag End in There and Back Again.



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