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Anyone up for a Midsummer Challenge?

It seems like such an important date in M-e that I think it would be fitting for us to commemorate it somehow. I am thinking along two lines: We could either have a challenge to write a story of how cultures in M-e celebrate midsummer day, what it represents to them; or, we could have a challenge regarding reactions/consequences of Aragorn's wedding to Arwen. There is a lot to examine there, I think; but, if it seems too limiting, we could even widen the scope to include all three unions of Elves and Men in our "study".

 Does this sound like anything anyone would like to explore? Do you think there is something else that we could do to commemorate Midsummer Day instead? I'd love to hear your thoughts!



Re: Anyone up for a Midsummer Challenge?

I like all three suggestions. Back nazgul, back I say.



Re: Anyone up for a Midsummer Challenge?

Can't promise I'd write anything (*looks at electronic pile marked -UNFINISHED- * *hides*), but it's a great idea for a Challenge.

Edit: yes, that means I'm in for either option.



Re: Anyone up for a Midsummer Challenge?

I hope to see you seize that nuzgul, even if it doesn't become a challenge ;-D



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