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What triggered the attack in Moria?

I often have wondered what triggered the Orcs and Balrog to attack the Fellowship just when they did. If it was some message from the Watcher or Pippin's stone that disclosed the Fellowship's presence, why didn't they attack then? If it was Gandalf's ill-advised use of pipe-weed or his even-more ill-advised display of "a little real light" -- or, for that matter, Gimli's song -- why, again, the delay? Did Gollum say something? Or was he seen? Did the Ring call the Balrog?

Tell a story about what you think triggered the attack.



Re: What triggered the attack in Moria?

Hi Orondo,

This is a great idea for a challenge! Who is game for this one? Are there three takers for this challenge?

Do you ned some inspiration? Try going to the Resources Text Search in Resources and enter some key words like "Moria", "khazad," or "Balrog."

Who can get into the mind of a Balrog?




Re: What triggered the attack in Moria?

Well, you asked for it- and might I say thankyou for triggering this one off, Orondo?


The door opens and they step into my silent realm.

I hear their hearts like drums in the deep- each feeble pulse a flashing diamond in the dark.

Nine of them…

It is poetic- were not they nine, those long-ago fools who bowed and scraped before He whose cowardice betrayed my Master?

I shall slay them all, and I shall take His ring from them, and as I rise in flame and fear and force and fury all the World shall be a charnel-house before me- oh yes, it shall be glorious.

Oh yes, it shall be so.

My preciousss…



Re: What triggered the attack in Moria?

Well, you asked for it- and might I say thankyou for triggering this one off, Orondo?....

That's an interesting concept. Since the Balrog apparently knew of the Fellowship's presence from the moment they stepped across Westgate's threshold, did the Balrog then simply wait for the most opportune moment to attack? If so, what made the moment it chose most opportune? Also, since the Balrog perceived the Ring, did it also perceive Narya? And Gandalf? If not, why not? Certainly I'd expect it to be especially attuned to fire-related objects and people.



Re: What triggered the attack in Moria?

Part of me says that as the Elf-rings were not "tainted" by Sauron, then possibly it would not have noticed the presence of Narya. Another part says that a Balrog- powerful as it was- might perceive even the presence of Gandalf (a fellow Maiar) as little threat, due to overwhelming arrogance (and possibly even due to the influence of the Ring). Yet another part thinks that possibly- with Moria the size it was- that although it simply rushed headlong into the attack it was pure dumb chance that led it to finally confront the Fellowship when and where it did. A fourth part says that possibly Tolkien just thought it made for a good story...

But all parts agree that you've made me think with your challenge, and that I enjoyed writing the drabble that came from that thinking, so maybe I shouldn't kill the goose that laid the golden egg by thinking too much about it.



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