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I realize this might be a bit silly, but...

Mother's Day approaches. We know how important a mother's role is; and yet, we see so few mothers, or women for that matter, throughout Tolkien's work. Their influence is always present, but their characters, their stories, very seldom take first stage. I thought it might be interesting to write about the ladies' influence in the lives of Tolkien's characters. Una addresses some of this in "A Game of Chess" on a chapter where Eowyn first realizes that she is pregnant, and she says to herself something like: 'How was I to know? I have lived with men all of my life' and then, a few paragraphs further, she says that even though she did not know her well, she wished for her mother at that point in her life. Moreover, we find that most of Tolkien's characters are orphans: Frodo, Eomer and Eowyn, Faramir and Boromir, Aragorn, Tuor, Elrond and Elros, Theodred, and the list goes on and on. I can even picture some little ents being left behind by their mothers (how odd is that?)

Think about this... it may have a lot of potential as a likeable challenge. We could address the influence of the mothers in the character of our choice in any way that we want, and try to explore how that influence shapes their personalities, or try to describe what could be a touching, interesting, bonding moment between them: Theodwyn/Eomer,Eowyn; Finduilas/Boromir, Faramir (and the blue mantle thing pops out again! Now that I think about it, this challenge might give me the final push to finish that piece); Gilraen/Aragorn; Nerdanel/Maedhros (or any of the other six); Celebrían/Arwen,Elladan,Elrohir; Galadriel/Celebrían; Elwing/Elrond,Elros... or any other of your liking.

So, what do you all think? Would you be interested in writing something along those lines?



Re: Mothers...

Hello, I'm new. *waves*

I don't think it sounds silly. It sounds fun!

The Elladan,Elrohir/Celebrian suggestion appeals most to me, but I think the mother-daughter relationship of Celebrian with Galadriel could be pretty fun to write too.



Re: Mothers...

Welcom, Dragon... heh heh heh, good job showing up here first. The nuzgul are eager for a little fresh blood. Are you perchance A positive? They have a weird hankering for that every so often.

Starlight, I think this is a great idea--write a story of a pivotial mother/child interaction. The story can be of whatever length is appropriate, but it must focus on the mother/child relationship.

Any other strictures? Should it be from the PoV of the mother, or could it be from the PoV of the child?

Opinions? Suggestions? Willing volunteers?



Re: Mothers...

Oh, I like this idea a lot!



Re: Mothers...

Any other strictures? Should it be from the PoV of the mother, or could it be from the PoV of the child?

I'd tend to think either, or both. And I'm intrigued.... Were I to write one, I'd have to go for the mother's POV, which is intimidating since I'm not one. But more intimidating is the idea of trying to write from little Boromir's POV. *ack*

Because what other mother would I be writing about except Finduilas.


Denethor's mother isn't named, is she?

Oh my heavens, I could do an OFC/Denethor/Mother's Day story and get in some backstory on Denethor, Ecthelion, and maybe even Thorongil!

Man, am I ever doomed.



Re: Mothers...

Hello Dragon! Welcome aboard. This might be the forum I visit most often. The breeding of ideas is just... well... addictive, I guess.

Any other strictures? Should it be from the PoV of the mother, or could it be from the PoV of the child?

I think it could go either way, so that the challenge gives a broader ground and allows a bit more freedom to the author.

Were I to write one, I'd have to go for the mother's POV, which is intimidating since I'm not one. But more intimidating is the idea of trying to write from little Boromir's POV. *ack*

Same here, but should be pretty interesting! Dwim did a good job in writing the mother's POV on her Gilraen/Arathorn holds newborn Aragorn. That was quite touching and very nice to read. She has another one, Family, which is Denethor/Finduilas with little Boromir, which I think you would enjoy.

Do you know what would be nice, too? Morwen and Theoden... that little nuzgul's always been there...

I think OFC's would be great too, and most encouraged, since there are not many mothers mentioned in canon who should be fun to explore, like Denethor's, as Rachel points out.

Dwim, would you consider writing Halbarad's mama? Please?



Re: Mothers...

Will you also accept stories about Hobbit mothers, including stories that have been previously published elsewhere? A little while ago, I set out to write a Sick!Frodo fic (an admittedly goofy genre, but one that I find oddly fascinating); it was told from the perspective of Sam Gamgee's mother, Bell, and it really became her story more than his. It was fairly well-received. Would this qualify?



Re: Mothers...

I'm thinking Galadriel and she must have felt after Celebrian's attack! She could do so much for Middle Earth, and yet so little for her own daughter! I also have a little Nazgul hatchling for how Eowyn would fare with a daughter of her own, though I know that I ALWAYS think of Eowyn, and never get around to writing her... Or what about a ghost Finduilas, watching Faramir and Eowyn on the walls, or greeting Boromir when he finally dies?



Re: Mothers...

So tentative count?

Starlight (you're doing Morwen, yes?)
Oselle (yes, hobbit mothers are allowed and encouraged. Heh. Anyone want to take on Lobelia?)
Jenolas volunteered on list

Dragon, are you in on this?

Please say "yea" or "nay" so I can get a firm count. And as always, go forth and sic this nuzgul on the unsuspecting.



Re: Mothers...

I'm a yea.
Right now I'm mulling Eowyn (typical me, I know) and also Galadriel....and possibly a ghost Finduilas.



Re: Mothers...

All right, I'm in. I just hope I can figure out the submission process, since I'm about as tech-savvy as a piece of wood.



Re: Mothers...

That's a yea! I will give Morwen a try and see what comes out of it; most likely, one confused little Theoden as to whether he is an 'eorlinga' or a 'rohirrim'... hmmm...
I think this will be a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to read what everyone will write

Please, somebody write Lobelia! I can imagine little Lotho going to dear ol' mom during one of those bonding moments:

Lotho: "Hullo, mama. Here, I brought these fresh flowers for you. Hope you like'em"

Lobelia: "Thanks very much, but are they not a bit withered? Oh my! There's a bug right there on that stem! Good heavens, Lotho! Take a look at those trousers; where did you get these flowers, in a puddle of mud? I bet you that wretched Frodo Baggins is behind all of this! Did he trick you into picking out these flowers?"

Some other mothers that might be interesting (hope some of the unsuspecting are lurking around; then, perhaps these little nuzguls can show their fangs and bite any of you so... beware!):

LotR: Rose/Goldilocks, Elanor, or any of the bunch; Primula/Frodo; Theodwyn/Eomer-Eowyn; Finduilas/Boromir-Faramir; Gilraen/Aragorn; Celebrían/Arwen, the twins; Galadriel/Celebrían (I will be looking forward to this one, Kirixchi!); Arwen/Eldarion, any of the daughters; Lothíriel/Elfwine; Dís/Fíli and Kíli; and even some OFC mothers such as Amrothos' (Isabeau, would you like to write that?); Halbarad (Dwim?); Háma; and, even Legolas'!

Silm: Míriel/Féanor; Nerdanel/ you have seven different options for this one; Indis/ any of the boys, or girls for that matter; Earwen/Galadriel; Morwen/Túrin-Nienor; Aredhel/Maeglin (Aralanthiriel?); Idril/Earendil; Elwing/Elrond-Elros; Lúthien/Dior; Melian/Lúthien; Erendis/Ancalime...

Anyway, hope that inspires any of you to take this up. Looking forward to read what you will write!

(who likes to breed more nuzgul that she can take care off... bad, bad girl!)



Re: Mothers...

That's a yea from me, too, as long as the deadline is a bit far out. Mother's day is May 12th...? I've got one I have to finish by early April, so that should free up some brain space in April for this one.

Currently trying to staunch the bleeding from three nuzgul wounds...



Re: Mothers...

Go on, then, put my name down. Are we writing for British Mother's Day or American?



Re: Mothers...

I'd love to read it and I think I'd like to write it but... I can't guarantee I can do it until I try to do so (being a very unsure writer in LOTR)- how definite do we have to be?
*Thinking about getting nuzgul proof boots....* ;-)



Re: Mothers...

It sounds like fun, so can I go with yea?

But I've never tried a challenge before or anything so I don't know how it will turn out. But I will do my best. And have fun.



Re: Mothers...

Mother's Day Challenges is live.

I have it running til July first. Good one, Starlight.

Also, go here to talk about your chosen Middle-earth mothers, discuss tactics, plot possibilities, and stories. Have fun!



Re: Mothers...

July 1st? Then can I add a yea too, well, a tentative one to figure out which mother to pick!



Re: Mothers...

Starlight asked:
Dwim, would you consider writing Halbarad's mama? Please?

Ack! You're just begging for Haldeth to show up again, aren't you? Erg! Don't need any more nuzgul, really don't. [sigh] If, between mid-May and the end of June I think of anything, I'll do it.

No promises, though. I have other fanfic promises to keep. S&S is looking... hungry... er... down, boy... down...!



Re: Mothers...

This probably isn't where I should post this but I can't figure out where I should so - can you enter more than once in any challenge?




Re: Mothers...

Yes, you can. If you go to Challenges, you'll see a link in the upper right hand corner: faq.

Try that first, and if you still have questions, let me know.




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