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Haldir/Thranduil Mpreg Challenge

I've rarely ever seen Thranduil slash, and I've only ever read one Thranduil mpreg. Hence, here's a challenge to write a novel length fan fic that must contain four main points.

  1. A young Thranduil and Haldir meet over tragic circumstances and keep in contact throughout the years by a series of long letters despite their very different paths in life. 
  2. They eventually fall in love, but life and duties keep them apart.
  3. A chance encounter on a very strange night centuries later causes them to conceive, who we later realise is Legolas.
  4.  Orpher strives to keep the entire "situation" under wraps by having Thranduil rushed into a marriage to an elleth, and threatening him to cease contact with Haldir.
I've posted this challenge elsewhere, but so far I've gotten no responses, and I'd really love to see what an author can do with this. Good luck!



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