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This is a nuzgul of Meg's whose resume reads:

Adjustments after the end of ROTK. How does Aragorn adjust to being King of Gondor? What would the differences be to being Chieftain of the Dunedain? What about Faramir adjusting to the job of Steward, one that he presumably never even thought about inheiriting? Merry becomes the Master of Buckland - what's that like, after travelling Middle Earth and riding with the Rohirrim? Pippin is the heir to the Thanedom of the Shire - how does he readjust to the far smaller horizons that he's occupying? What about Legolas and Gimli, who have formed a friendship that their peoples both deplore? Éomer is King of the Mark, something he probably didn't expect. Éowyn is formally a court lady of Gondor. Arwen Undomiel becomes human, a queen, mother and wife. How do all of these people adjust to the changes which happen in their lives? What kinds of scars, both physical and mental, does the War of the Ring leave for them to cope with?

There are four adoptions already, with one great story in beta by Eledhwen, but I think this cute little nuzgul really deserves to spread its wings into a fully-fledged challenge. Any more takers?




Re: Alterations

Hm. I could probably get away with entering Dynasty into that, given that I've got everyone but the hobbits and a kitchen sink rattling around in there somewhere.

I can boost this up to a challenge by saying I'll do that, but *are* there others out there who want to take something a bit more restricted in scope than the description might imply? I don't think this one is meant to ask folks to take *all* of those on at once.

Also, I'd like to fish around for an answer from those who have adopted nuzgul. If your Hutch Denizen gets to be a Challenge, would you favor some sort of standard deadline, i.e., six months from the day it gets moved? One year?




Re: Alterations

I'd suggest that you only have to take on one adjustment, unless you want to do multiples. That's certainly the line that my putative entry takes, though Eledhwen's story bravely takes on most of them, I think. Though now I read the resume more carefully I'm not sure my story actually fits, since it's set after the coronation but before the end of RotK...... :-(

I'd suggest 6 months, if you go with one character adjusting, or 9 months if you have to do multiple. I don't think one story could possibly handle all the suggestions. Perhaps we ought to ask Meg to clarify...




Re: Alterations

Mine's just silly - but Galadriel was in a funny mood and kept whispering this to me while I was trying to write something else. I think it fits into this category.



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