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For now, post all possible prompts here, please. There will be reorganization (by Age, race, or book) once I figure out the best way to do that. Always, Allie Da Rules --The story should be at least one type-written page long, but not more than 3 type-written pages. Definition of page - 1" margin all the way around, Times 12 pt. font., standard size paper. --There should be one viewpoint or one character as the main focus. --It should be one continuous scene.




There are lots of quickies from last year that were never used. Opinions about recycling please. RiverOtter



Re: Starters

Hope I do it right: Eowyn, young mother, Faramir absent in North Ithilien due to Easterling intrusion, has to drive away marauding Haradrim back over South Ithilien's border. Maybe they are only hungry migrants and she resettles them in Ithilien. Describe her solution of the conflict. Eowyn, middle-aged, judging in a conflict between farmers and/or merchants in Ithilien perhaps about a horse trade or a boundary conflict. Describe her judgement. Eowyn, old age, rides out defying arthritis, leading the household's soldiery and servants to fight the flooding of a village at Anduin's shores (a small tributary coming down from Emyn Arnen has risen due to melt water spring floods) which has sprawled over the limits set for security due to a recent massive influx of settlers. Faramir is away to Mordor's north to settle a conflict between Easterlings and Ithilien settlers. Describe her thoughts during the ride or describe her organization of the rescue. I try to give prompts to describe Eowyn as the realm's lady aside of being a mother and Faramir's wife. Please describe her as the Lady of Ithilien. It should somehow resonate with the following lines:
Ithilien’s lady setting to rights
all wronged and forgotten, rejoice,
realm ordered, happiness furthered,
peace invoked, we acclaim her.

Best wishes Elanor.



Re: Starters

Thank you for these. I have always felt Eowyn was an interesting lady. After all, she willingly left her homeland to marry Faramir and create a home in Ithilien. She raised a family and cared for her people as well. As a woman used to being in charge, she was the perfect wife for a man who never expected to become Steward or to establish his own realm. RiverOtter



Re: Starters

Elanor: perfect. In every discussion you always get my point where Éowyn is concerned - precise, concise and enlightening = Elanor - and here you summarize what I have been thinking about Éowyn in the most wonderful way. Though I don't have the time or the energy to pick this up, I think the prompts you gave are already a work of art - and the poem is beautiful. Yours Juno



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