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New Quickie Challenge

Welcome to Quickies, everyone -

here comes the first Quickie Challenge in quite some time, the last for this year. Starting now, Quickie Challenges will be set up every three months. If you have suggestions and prompts for Quickie Challenges, please let me know.

Challenge: Quickies IV/ 2006 (October - December 2006)
This challenge closes December 31, 2006.

The following twelve story suggestions constitute this quarter's Quickie Challenge.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed wonderful and unique story ideas.

Your challenge is to write a short, 1 to 3-page story about one of the following story ideas. One page is approximately 1500 characters long.

Be inspired & have loads fun with writing! I am looking forward very much to what you make out of these story ideas.

All the best

1. Thingol disappears for several years and then re-appears with a new queen who is not an elf and whom the other elves have never met before: Melian. Write a story about what his subjects thought of her?

2. "A strong place and wonderful was Isengard, and long it had been beautiful; and there great lords had dwelt, the Wardens of Gondor upon the West, and wise men that watched the stars." (The Two Towers, "The Road to Isengard"). Write a story about either a Warden of Gondor who dwelled in Isengard, or about a wise man watching the stars from Orthanc.

3. Write a story about why Vardamir Nólimon (Elros' son) did not "ascend the throne, but gave the sceptre to his son." (Unfinished Tales, Part Two III, The Line of Elros: Kings of Númenor)

4. Write a story about the beginning of excavating either the Great Smials in the Green Hills or Brandy Hall in Buckland.

5. "Tell me, Gildor, have you ever seen Bilbo since he left us?"
Gildor smiled. "Yes," he answered. "Twice. He said farewell to us on this very spot. But I saw him once again, far from here." He would say no more about Bilbo, and Frodo fell silent. (The Fellowship of the Ring, "Three is Company"). Write a story about either the farewell of Bilbo to Gildor in the Shire, or about that other time where Gildor met Bilbo "far from here".

6. In "The Departure of Boromir" (The Two Towers), Aragorn and Legolas sing a lament for Boromir. Do they ever sing it to Faramir? Or at a public service in honour of Boromir? Write about when this lament was sung in public, or whether and why it was never sung publicly in Minas Tirith.

7. (Movieverse) Write about how an Orc from Minas Morgul finds the broken pieces of lembas Sam left on the Winding Stairs.

8. Anborn asks Legolas about the black squirrels in Mirkwood. Write a story about what Legolas tells him.

9. The sons of Elrond meet the Rohirrim at Aragorn's coronation. They talk about when Eorl the Young came to the aid of Gondor five hundred years before. Write a story about what they talked about and how they remember Eorl and his times.

10. Before they part, Galadriel gives Arwen a gift -- something that Celebrían had meant to give her daughter when she married. Write a story about this farewell.

11. The Guards of the Citadel have never tended a living White Tree before, so the King asks Sam to give them a few gardening lessons. Write a story about what and how Sam teaches the Guards about trees.

12. In the movie version of Lord of the Rings: Write a story about how Frodo knows he is granted passage to Valinor? How does he decide to go?



Re: New Quickie Challenge

Thank you very much Calanthe.

The Challenge is now set up. You can find it here.

I hope to see many entries Wink




Re: New Quickie Challenge

Thank *you* and Dankeschön, Vilwarin!
There are some fascinating story ideas, and I sure hope people get inspired - well, I might get inspired myself. So many story ideas, so little time.,

- Calanthe



Re: New Quickie Challenge

Oh, there's a couple of ideas here I like!  The black squirrels - or the sons of Elrond and the ride of Eorl ...

The trouble is, with a full-time job, and RL as well, I simply don't have enough *time* to write all the stories I want to



Re: New Quickie Challenge

Hi again Jay -
yes, I wish I won in the lottery and could dedicate my life to LotR and fanfic. No luck yet ...

How about those Black Squirrels, though? One story in a little more than two months? I would love to read that one :-).

All the best



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