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Now *this* would be an interesting Mary-sue to see. *grins evilly* Hey, he chooses to walk Middle-Earth in the shape of an old man...he could have been of fairer form back in good ole Valinor. And I feel almost certain there must have been a pretty little Maia that caught his fancy once upon a time.

However, this is complete silly speculation on my part If I ever undertook to write this one (which I won't) it would be pure comedy. "Gandalf and His Stalker". It's almost too absurd to be imagined!



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Not that I am going to write anything like this, but it's possible that Gandalf and an elf-maid might have some potential for romance. The only other maia-non maia pairing I know of is Melian and Thingol, but the precedent is there.



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Oooh, good point there, Kate. I didn't really make the connection to Melian and Thingol. Thanks for bringing it up.

Hey, I'm probably never going to write a Gandalf/MS's so completely off the wall I still think it would make an awesome parody.



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I have to say, I think Gandalf could have great romantic potential. Yes, he seems a little bookish, I suppose - not exactly the bodice-ripper type, but he certainly is powerful, and he's been around long enough he could probably teach a girl (well, woman) a thing or two....

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all, and I suspect that as we get older, our lovers will remain beautiful to us, if we're blessed to have them. And just read Dwim's beautiful "Speaking of Love...." to see proof that it can be gorgeous fanfiction.

I'm not going to write one because I don't understand Gandalf well enough yet to write him at all, but if someone who did understand him wanted to, I'd sure as heck read it.



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Hmm ... *strokes chin thoughtfully*
I just might take a stab at this. It would, of course, be humor as you stated. Hehe, this could get interesting.



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You know what's really sad? This was meant to be a nuzgul that I would sic on my unsuspecting fellow authors. It was NOT supposed to come back and get me. However, shadow's thoughtful post has got me thinking...and I have to confess...

I've been bitten by my own Gandalf/Mary-Sue nuzgul.

*hangs head* Oh, the shame of it. It's very sad. I'm almost scared of what I will be possessed to write now.



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I've been bitten by my own Gandalf/Mary-Sue nuzgul.

Oh, don't be afraid! I'm so pleased! I'll tell you one thing I've been digging about the Mary Sue challenge - apart from the obvious appeal of all the well-written and thoughtful stories it's getting. Introducing OCs is, I think, a great way for people to explore and learn about our beloved canon characters. When canon characters interact with someone who's not bound by a characterization given him or her by Tolkien, we have the opportunity to see them through new eyes, in a way. At least, I think so. So I'm looking forward to it! I've always wanted to get to know Gandalf better, and he's so intimidating a character to me, I think seeing him with a lovely OFC could be quite educational.



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Rachel said: not exactly the bodice-ripper type

*choke* You're a bad girl, Rachel, inflicting that mental image upon us.

addicted said: It would, of course, be humor as you stated.

Just remember, it can't be a parody (as much as we love those)!



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I wasn't planning on it being a parody, just slightly amusing. I have the first chapter of it posted now. "Falling for the First Time." The last word of the chapter should let you know all about why it's going to be rather humorous.



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Can there be romance written between the sister of Galadriel and Gandalf?
Note: I am already writing it. Started ages ago. Two years. Still trying to cram it into words.



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Sister of Galadriel? Interesting.

Write on!



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