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Attention! Tar-Míriel has jumped the Hutch and become a Challenge. Go check it out, all those who love Númenor. It ends in November, so if you've adopted this nuzgûl but haven't written for it yet, you have a good bit of time, still.

And of course, we're always looking for more vic--er, writers.



Re: Tar-Míriel




Re: Tar-Míriel

Am not certain that my story for this will be completely done by Monday (though I'm going to try). Is that a problem for when the challenge goes to the public side?




Re: Tar-Míriel

If you already have entered it as a placeholder, then you need not worry about the Monday deadline.



Re: Tar-Míriel

Thanks, Zim! That's one less thing to worry about, then, which is a relief.




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