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Quickies--Q4, 2003

Isn't it almost time to come up with some ideas? Dwim?




Re: Quickies--Q4, 2003

Actually, we do have a list for Quarter 4. However... if you would like to begin the madness that is plotting for Quarter one of 2004... be my guest.



Re: Quickies--Q4, 2003

Oooh! Where's the list?




Re: Quickies--Q4, 2003

The Quarter 4 list? Tucked away on my hard drive, awaiting September 30/October 1.

But if you would like to start suggesting nuzgûl for next year's set of Quickies, it's never too early...



Re: Quickies--Q4, 2003

How about the thoughts of one or two of the participants in the final battle of the Last Alliance the night before the batle? Or the scene in the command tent? And or the the thoughts of those same characters (those who are still alive!) the night after the battle?



Re: Quickies--Q4, 2003

Oh, these look easier (IMO) than Q3! I like the Gimli and Fangorn one.




Re: Quickies--Q4, 2003

Hama's last stand

Aaaaaaaarrrrgh! Thrice confound and confusticate you all. You've seen me try to write conflict!!



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